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Yes, I would like to have my profile permanently removed. I actually found a man that I am seeing through Find New Passion and we care very deeply for each other and have a truly special connection that we feel is love. So, thank you, I would never have found him without Find New Passion.


At last. A site for what a lot of decent but lonely people are looking for. Thanks for being there.


After 25 years of marriage, I never thought of cheating, but I know I wasn't happy just coasting along. I tried you on a whim and thought I'd look around. I connected with so many people that made me feel interesting. I love the attention and it has even helped revive the passion in my marriage. Hallelujah!


My clubbing life is over and I didn't know how to start meeting someone, or even if I was ready to meet someone else. I don't want to end my marriage, I just want to feel like someone out there wants me. Find New Passion is exactly what I needed. I'm still feeling my way around and it's not as scary as I thought.


Everyone thinks a man can get any woman he wants. Not the case. I don't want to get caught, and I don't want to get a divorce. With five kids to put through college there's not much time to kindle a romance with my wife who's never interested. I'm not a cliché, but I want to find new passion in my life. Maybe I can meet a married lady who feels the same way and won't get too involved.


I'm Catholic, enough said. Forever is forever til death do us part, but what about living?


I'm in love again! I can't stop smiling. I tingle all over and I can't wait for him to call. Thanks for giving me back my joy of living.