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What is FindNewPassion? is the only elite, married dating service that facilitates extramarital affairs and other social relationships. If you are a married man or women looking for a discreet affair then this site was created specifically for you. You never know who or what you will find on FindNewPassion.

Are there any guidelines or rules I need to follow?

Only a few. First of all, be honest. We want you to feel safe and comfortable so you can express yourself freely, but if other members complain that you are offensive, uncouth or intimidating, we take it very seriously and will have no choice but to suspend or delete your account. Pornographic, violent or otherwise offensive material is not allowed on the site and any information or photos you upload to your account/ profile must comply with our terms and conditions and not break laws or copyright.

How do I join

Simply sign up with a valid email address and other basic details, such as your location and gender. Alternatively, you can also sign up through your mobile phone. Find New Passion Now!

How much does it cost to join

FindNewPassion is completely free to join! A free profile lets you create a profile, upload photos, search for people in your area and IM members. If you want to have additional features, all you need to do is upgrade your membership to Premium

I've never done this before, where do I start?

Is this your first time using the internet to find new passion? Well don't worry, you are not alone. Millions of people are meeting online. Start by joining and posting a profile. This way members can contact you easily. And make sure to post a picture, this will get you a lot more responses. This site is really easy to use, and if you have any questions, our customer service team is always available.

What does Pending Approval mean?

New profiles need to be reviewed by customer support first. It typically takes 48-72 hours to get approved. You can still send and receive messages while your profile is getting approved, however, if your profile gets rejected, it will no longer be visible to other members.

What does Profile Not Approved mean?

Your profile was rejected due to you not following the posted guidelines. Please read our guidelines for creating a profile

Why do I get notifications on my Personal e-mail ID and how can I change it?

The way system is set up, you will receive greetings, e-mail or message notifications from members to the e-mail address you have provided. So, we suggest, you select the e-mail you are giving carefully. You can always change it by visiting the "Account Settings" page.

I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is?

No problem. Just click "Forgot password?" on the member login page, enter your email address and we'll send you your password.

What is auto-login ("remember me") and how does it work?

Auto-login allows you to visit FindNewPassion without having to enter your email address and password every time you visit the site.To set up auto-login, simply check the "remember me" box on the login page. Your login information will be saved to the computer you are using, and you will be automatically logged in each time you visit FindNewPassion. We suggest that you don't use auto-login on shared computers to keep your information private.If you click the logout button or change your email or password, you will be prompted to login again the next time you visit.

How do I deactivate auto-login?

If you click the logout button in your activity center at the top right of most pages, your auto-login will be deactivated, and you will be prompted to login again the next time you visit.

Why do you have Security Images displayed?

Security Images are real time display of letters and numbers that are necessary for verification in order to prevent spamming on the web-site.

How can I contact customer service if I have any questions, suggestions or concerns?

Our customer service department is standing by to help you make the very most of your membership. They can help you navigate the site, improve your profile, or find answers to all your questions. We are always open and appreciate your suggestions, so please feel free to contact us by clicking on Contact Us link or write an e-mail to

Can I use on my mobile phone?

Yes! You can use in your phone's web browser by visiting

Does FindNewPassion.comhave any success stories?

Yes! has helped people from around the globe connect and find new passion. You can check them out on "Testimonials" page.

How do I submit a success story?

If you've found passion on and want to share your story with other members, visit our "Contact Us" page to submit your story now.

Can other people see my email address?

No, your email address is always kept private. has its own internal messaging system that is used to send and receive messages. Your email address is required however, in order for us to send you notifications and other messages.

How does screen its members?

We review each and every profile and picture, and approve or reject it based on our stated guidelines. We do not verify the accuracy of profiles, whether the person is who he is, etc., as that is just not possible.

What do I do if I have a problem with another member?

The support team appreciates hearing from our members if there are any problems with other members. Please contact our customer services team with your username, their username, and a description of the problem. The team will review this message and take appropriate action.

Why have not I been receiving mail from

If you have not been receiving mail from site, it could be a result of the following:
- you are not directly logged into your gmail account
- yahoo or aol could delay mail from this site
-,,, specific companies dns reject mail due to local policy
- you have filters set up to send mail to specific label folder or discard it

To ensure prompt mail delivery, please add to your safe list


How do I set up and edit my profile?

Putting together a complete profile is a good way to help other members get to know you and will help find better connections for you. Setting up your profile:

How can I change my personal information?

You can do so by clicking on the link "Edit Profile" from the dropdown menu of your header. The header is the top section of the site screen when you're logged in. You can then select which section of the information needs to be edited and edit the same. Be sure to click the Save Settings button at the bottom of each section you update.

I forgot my password, how can I get it back?

If you don't remember your password, you can click on "Forgot Password" link on the member login page. Alternatively, you can try logging in to the site with whatever password you believe it might be. If the password is incorrect you will be shown an error stating your password is incorrect. Along with this error message you will be given the option to retrieve your password.

How can I change my password?

To change your password, or other settings such as your email address, click on the "Account Settings" (which is located in the dropdown on the top header menu. From there, click on the "Edit Password" link.You will be asked for your current password, as well as a new password (which you will need to retype a second time to make sure you didn't make a mistake). Don't forget to save the new password you have entered.

Why do you need so much information?

In order to best find your passion, as well as let your passion find you we ask as much information about your appearance, personality and views. This allows us to become the friend who's connecting you and passion, while at the same time giving you thousands of options to pick and choose from.

How do I change my email address?

You can change your email address by going to your "Account Settings" (which is located in the dropdown on the top header menu. On this page you can enter your new email address, you may be required to enter your password for security reasons.

How do I modify my gender if it is incorrect in my profile?

Please visit your "Account Settings" (which is located in the dropdown on the top header menu to update your gender on your profile. Be sure to click Save Settings button at the bottom of the section on the page to save your changes.

How can I upload a photo of myself?

You can upload a photo of yourself by clicking the "Add/ EditPhoto" link on the "Edit Profile" page.

How do I set my main photo?

Once you upload a photo and it has been approved (all photos get processed by a member of our Team), you can select it to be your main photo.By default the first photo you upload, once approved, will become your main photo. If you have more than one photo, simply click on the button below the photo labelled "Set as My Primary Photo".

My photo won't upload onto the site. What do I do?

Please check to make sure you image size is bigger than 200 width and 250 height. Also the file must be a JPG, GIF or PNG. If your image meets the above standards and you are still having problems, please let us know what browser you are using and what error message you are receiving after your attempt to upload the image.You can email us at

I have just made some changes and uploaded pictures. Why can't I see the changes on my profile?

Please be aware that it might take up to 12 hours for any changes you make or any photo you have uploaded to be reviewed by our moderator. You will receive a notification mail when your picture is approved and published. We do not publish any explicit pictures, so you will receive a rejection notice mail if you try to upload these types of photo.

What are TAGS?

Tags are labels or keywords that you select to describe yourself or what you are looking for: your personality, hobbies, things that are important for you. These are your personal buzzwords that people will be searching for. Delimit by comma please. 500 characters is the maximum limit.

What is USER ID?

Every member on our site has a unique user identification number that is assigned when you join Find New Passion. You are given this number when you receive your confirmation email. Also, you can see this number for other members who made contact with you or have sent you greetings. You have an ability to do Search by ID by selecting this function in a Search window.

How do I add or remove someone from my favorites?

To add a member to your favorites list, please visit the member's profile and click "Add to Fave" link shown on the page. To remove someone from your favorites list, please visit your Hot Contacts page, select the member you want to remove and click on delete.

I want my profile to be completely and permanently deleted. How can I do that?

Please send a request to asking for your profile to be removed. It will be done ASAP and no questions asked.

What is Mouth2Mouth Chat?

No more waiting for a member to be online. With an option to save messages, the chat feature has an ability to communicate with several members at the same time.
Mouth2Mouth Chat is a FEATURED BENEFIT of Premium Membership:
- Click "Mouth2Moth" link
- Search for a member you're interested in contacting by typing a NickName
- After its' found, click 'add'
- Chose this members' name from a list (it appears in a 'message to' field)
- type your message and click 'send'


How do I search for members?

You can search for members based on: gender, age range, sexual preference, location and if they have a photo.If you are looking for a specific member, and you know their nickname you can find them using the nickname search.

Why don't I get many results?

Keep your searches fairly broad. This will give you more search results. If you are getting 20 pages of results, then you can be more specific and still get a lot of results. Some areas may not have a lot of members. Remember you can always invite your friends to join!

Can I sort the results?

Yes. On the results screen, on the top right there is a drop down box that shows the default sort order. Simply select a different value to re-sort the results.

Why did I receive a no members found result after doing advanced search?

Please make your search broader and then go through profile details. It will give you a chance to learn more about specific members to make a decision regarding future communication.

How do I contact someone that interests me?

You can contact a member by sending an email, instant message or a Greeting.

How do I send someone an IM?

Every profile has an IM Now link which will open the Instant Messenger window. All you need to do is type in your message and press the send button. IMs can be sent only if the other member is online at the same time.

What is Member Online?

Members Online shows members who are logged into the site at any given moment. If someone catches your eye, you can send an instant message and start up a real time conversation. Every profile has IM Now link which will open the Instant Messenger window. All you need to do is type in your message and press the send button.

How can I send a message?

You can send messages to any user on the site if you have a premium membership. To send a message, you must simply click the "Send Message" link located on a members profile page.

How do I block a user from emailing me?

Please visit the member's profile and select "Block" to block the member from emailing or contacting you.

How can I Send Greetings to members?

You can send another member a Greeting by clicking on the Greeting link on his or her profile page. A notification will be send to a member regular e-mail as well as site e-mail according to your selection.

Why am I getting an empty screen or "This plug-in isn't supported" msg on my mobil when try to open IM?

"Chat Now Chatter Box IM" is a Flash based application that is disabled by default in most modern browsers. Thus it can result in an empty page or in a page with a request to enable Adobe Flash, (this feature could still be used on older versions).
Alternative to a "Chat Now Chatter Box IM" is a "Mouth2Mouth Chat" that works on both regular computers and mobil devises.

Search results display. What is ascending and descending by registration date?

Ascending - sorted by a selected criteria in an ascending order (in case of registration date from oldest - to newest, so oldest will be listed first)
Descending - sorted by a selected criteria in a descending order (in case of registration date from newest - to oldest, so newest will be listed first)


Is this a free site?

The basic service is free. With this, you are able to create an account and look around, see if this is something you would like to pay for, and see if there is anyone that you would like to talk to. This is all available before you pay one cent. If you decide that you would like to upgrade, then yes there is a very small fee!

What does a free membership give me?

Your free membership will give you access to the following features of the site. You will be able to create a profile, upload photos, search for other members, and receive IM's from other members as well. We are expanding and adding new features all the time.

How do I deactivate my free account?

If you have found what you were looking for or for some other reason would like to deactivate your account then the option is in your account settings. You have a choice of temporarily suspending an account or deleting it permanently. You can always reactivate your account at a later date if it has been suspended. Suspending your account means that no one will be able to see your profile and you will no longer receive messages from any other members.

Who can I contact about my paid membership?

If you are a paid upgraded member with billing questions, you can mail us at or contact us through our contact us link.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay using your bank account, debit, or credit cards. Our payment processing is done by PayPal and your upgrade gets entered automatically. You can find the "Upgrade Membership" link in the dropdown menu, select membership type option, and click on checkout button. On the payment info screen, you have an option to select recurring payment check box that can be cancelled at any time. Please be aware that the name "VILYX Inc." will be displayed on your billing statement.

I have tried to upgrade several times, it keeps telling me the transaction is denied

We are sorry the upgrade process is not going through for you, please double check that all the information you are entering is correct. If you are still unable to upgrade your membership please contact PayPal directly or notify our customer support at .

Will My Recurrent Payment Be Automatically Renewed?

Yes - your subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of your payment period. It's easy to cancel this at any time through your account as long as it's 72hrs before the next payment.

How do I cancel my Membership?

To cancel your membership all you need to do is send our customer support an email at and they can cancel it for you. Please note that no refunds will be issued for the remainder of your membership period.

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