Are You Married But Not Dead? Welcome to Our Blog!

In today's fast paced life and instant access to new friends through internet, many people are moving toward dating for married people. Married men and women are looking for dating site for married people to find a sense of satisfaction and get up from the downsides of relationship problems.

Relationships perpetrates the affairs due to a number of reasons such as those devoid of trust, communication, respect, love, care, shared interests and values and thus the boundaries starts to flounder. The reasons can be outlined as -

Yes I am another married man looking for a discreet friendship and maybe more. I miss the passion and intimacy formerly found in marriage but now only reserved for those lucky few that were able to find their 'soul' mate. Make me laugh and smile and I will do the same. Communicate with me and I promise to try to do the same as it doesn't come easily for we Martians. I do admit to missing the touch, the scent, the kiss and feel of a woman. I love creativity so you won't shock me. All I can do is say no but then maybe....

If it is something you want, you have to go out and get it. But make it exactly what you want. I'm someone looking for someone to get to know better and better! No Drama, no stress. Life is to short for that

Life can be strange and complicated and there is never enough time! Looking to steal you for some passion when ever time allow and provide a partner to communicate with when we cannot. Looking forward to getting to know you!

Longing for something real, something with a solid and emotional connection. Being the only one who puts effort in trying make something work, makes for a lonely day. I am a romantic at heart. What I'm looking for is probably a fairytale, but I looking for that someone that makes my heart skip a beat when I think of them.

Tired of feeling alone, unappreciated, and taken for granted. Have you ever had that moment when you just raise your arms, shake your head, and say.... I give up! Not looking for anyone to change my status, just keep me company and make me smile!

Your life is routine and you are looking for more excitement. I always dreamed about a romantic and discreet relationship with a beautiful and intelligent woman and looking forward to our time together!

Just looking for the passion that is missing

Looking to find the passion that's missing. Reach out and say 'Hi' any time!

What I want most is to enjoy life again

It is not all about me and what I want. Two people exploring life as it is

If there is one thing the pandemic has taught me it is that tomorrow is not guaranteed so make the most of every day.

My motto: May the rest of my years, be the best of my years

Looking for a relationship to make me come alive again

We all need contact, affection, touching, and love. It is called being human. We also need good conversation, fun times and laughter. Throw in some steamy, sensual kissing, and lots of it leading to more and we will both be happy

Looking for one guy to flirt with. Someone to make my pulse quicken, make me laugh, my eyes sparkle, my toes curl. If you can do all that online, maybe you can do that in person somehow, someday when the world returns to normal.

I don't want to leave but the fire is gone. I need an escape from often tepid or even cold reality. Some fire, some new pleasure. Your age and race aren't really important to me. Attraction and desire are not contingent on such things. I just want us to enjoy each other, escape to each other. Make each other feel delight and fire. Is that too much to want?

Well about me: Obviously married 1 son Grown up job No parole officer Not afraid of midgets Not a heavy drinker at all but Jameson is delicious

I love sailing and comfortable being the 1st to dance

Looking for a genuine connection with smiles, fun conversations and nice chemistry.

If we click and laugh together, all things will fall into place

Reach out and say 'Hi' any time!

It's a cliche but they say you only get one chance at this life so we should try to make the most of it. When we were young we were painted a picture of marriage and then you live happily ever after to. We get to an age when we know that's not really true is it...?

We all wear different faces in all walks of our lives, from work to being with friends.. so it would be good to have someone where we both can be our normal selves without pretense.. be naughty as much as our hearts desire or just to share moments when things are tough.. Perhaps we can create a space and special moments for ourselves.. if our paths crossed let us see where it can lead..

I'm here to find that passion that's been missing for far too long. I'm real and ready .. are you?

- Don't want to waste it"

I enjoy a fine bottle of wine by the fire place and enjoy a cold bottle of beer on the back deck. I love a great sense of humor and a guy who knows what he wants

Fetch all adventures from life

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves that life is not just meant to be endured but to be LIVED. We spend our lives eagerly waiting for the bigger moments when it is really the little moments that give us the greatest opportunities to fall in love with LIFE. The sound of laughter from someone you love. RAINDROPS tickling your FACE. That feeling of snuggling under your covers after a long day. A hot cup of tea/coffee/ - glass of fresh orange juice. Let take time to reflect on those little moments more and start living for TODAY. l hope there are DAYS when you FALL IN LOVE WITH BEING ALIVE. When your COFFEE/TEA tastes like MAGIC, STRANGERS makes you SMILE. And TODAY touches your SOUL.

I am referring to passion... I say no. I am looking for someone desiring passion ...

Do you miss the excitement, fire, passion and romance? Need something more? Me too! Let's talk and see about the chemistry. Let's ignite that fire again where you cant wait to hear from your partner.

Come on baby: we need each other!

I am missing out on the passion in my life. It has been quite awhile since I have felt like myself. Nowadays, its just mom and wife and nothing for myself

At some point you have to ask yourself are you happy or are you going to do something to change it?

make you laugh, maybe more...

I need any kind of joy. I need to laugh, i need someone to have lunch with that makes me smile, i need someone to work out with, i just need someone who can have a conversation & is not afraid to be around intelligence. I need a person

Looking for a little spice, to an otherwise happy life. How that works in this time of covid, we will figure out. In need of a little intrigue and passion again. But Looking for a genuine connection. The trifecta of sexy in my book - smart, funny, and confident. And, talk, dark, and handsome, obvi. Make me laugh using trifecta in a sentence and we can go from there ;)

and I'd rather not dance alone!

Let's start an adventure together!

and like Hiner seek my "lips of an angel."

I am me simply put, for some it wasn't enough, yet others it was too much for me? It is as it is, for you?

I'm a writer looking for someone to be an inspiration. Care to share your thoughts?

I am perfect for you, you are perfect for me, together we become one in reality! We both need love and have lots of love to give. We want to be happy.

I like skiing, motorcycles, hockey, reading... and oh yeah passion...

Simply and honestly: I am married yet, quite unfulfilled. (I guess it's the same story since the beginning of time!)

This morning I decided I want more than this - waking up every morning with a man who does not look at me with desire in his eyes, who does not want to consume my body with his - he is indifferent to me - and it just breaks me. I want to be desired, to be pursued and caught, and taken with passion and not left on the shelf waiting for him. I want a real man. One who sees me and lusts for me.

I am all about adventures and having fun.

The lights of suburbia form lines of brightness through the dark, open landscape. I think love and passion are behind me. There's a hope that I'm wrong ...

I like listening to people, adding in a shoulder to smile on

let's have some fun

.. where the journey will take them if they are unwilling to take that first step, are you willing?

I have an empty spot in my heart, and am seeking just one perfect lady to fill it. It isn't exactly like trying on shoes, but if the "fit" is right we will both know it ! Do you have an empty spot too ?

I am really looking for happiness and the feeling of affection. could you be happy walking through the mall, watching boats on the river while talking?

I am an old romantic. Miss the togetherness. Friends first with no expectations and see what happens. Worst that will happen is we both will have a new friend to talk to...

I am a retired cop who has survived bullets, knives, crashes, cancer, and multiple surgeries. I have a lot of scars and a decent physique. I seek beauty, enchantment, seductiveness, passion, and enjoyment. That is, I seek YOU.

I am a retired cop who has survived bullets, knives, crashes, cancer, and multiple surgeries. I have a lot of scars and a decent physique. I seek beauty, enchantment, seductiveness, passion, and enjoyment. That is, I seek YOU.

and talk about our mutual interests

Let's see where things go...

I pay attention to details, and I will listen to every word you utter. Speak to me of sweet anticipation and mutual sparks

I'm looking to find that passion again. The kissing, touching, holding and more. . . . The heart pounding, nerve tingling passion. It's been a while since I've felt that, so I'm looking for someone that misses the same. You never know what we could have been missing...

I want to feel the passion and excitement of getting to know someone new.

Looking for a meaningful connection to get the liveliness chirpiness and happy moments. One life. Make it happy and lively

I am missing something. Can you bridge that divide? Looking forward to heating things up...

I am seeking someone to establish an incredible connection and chemistry with. I am not looking to change my situation or yours, but whatever happens, happens..

Are you looking for a understanding, caring and a gentleman?

I'm willing to do anything you ask at anytime and expect same from you. Don't really know how much time we would get to be together but boy, I'll make it worth your wild....want to take a chance?

Every person is a universe. What turns me on is exploring yours. Listening to what turns you on in life and makes you to what makes special and engaging - what you are up to. Looking forward to getting to know you.

If you are hear now, you are probably like me and landed someplace you did not expect to be. In a situation where a big change is not in play. Looking for more, but not just sex. But yes, sex. But also a connection. So, if you are married but looking, I hope you look here. Maybe we find romance, fun, conversation and some laughter or smiles. A break, a release, a change. I look forward to a new adventure with someone I can look forward to.

I will be the Gentleman you crave to have on your arm. Remember, it is always the quiet ones...

to race through the moments that matter

.. live it to the fullest!

I'm looking for that spark and excitement again

.. life is too short to go out lonely


First time caller !

Sometimes we need someone to just listen, hold and appreciate.

I miss the hand holding, kisses, snuggles, laughter, emotional and physical closeness. Hugs, romance, and affection are very important. I'm at my best and happiest sharing these moments as I want a great man with integrity, sense of humor, warm and loving, can laugh at himself and with others, healthy, active, interested in life and what it has to offer. Ready and willing to explore life and the world with me.

Looking to fill the void of desire long gone at home. I want a woman who has passions in life & will share them with me. Someone who loves dialogue. Someone to share stolen moments with.

Longing to awaken my adventurous soul! Life changes people, we grow apart, still love each other but not in the same way. Miss feeling a spark, being excited by someone in every way - looking for a tantalizing, multi-layer connection and discrete long term affair with a tall, professional/successful dominant man, preferably, who may be in a similar situation. I want to crave you, need spice, variety, creativity, and passion, have an open mind. Home and work life force me to be in control so privately it would be nice to surrender, let someone boss me around for a change, lol. I enjoy flirtatious, sexual banter, and a sarcastic quick-witted sense of humor! I love animals, the beach, snorkeling, being on the water, dining out, drinking socially, traveling, exploring, laughing, and living life!

I'm not looking to replace anyone or be replaced. I miss the touch of a woman let alone just talking to one. Life is too short to not enjoy time with someone, especially someone in the same situation.

It all starts with words. The better the conversation the greater the satisfaction intellectually, emotionally, and physically. Getting to know someone deeply is life's reward. Give us a try...

Sometimes we need someone to just listen, hold and appreciate

Looking to share passionate moments with someone to fill that void....

...the sublime. That electric thrill that just happens as we're about to meet or just receiving a new message. That special moment to share and bask in. That "click" that we all desire. Don't u desire those too?

looking for that missing passion which was replaced by friendship/roommate coexistence

Not getting any attention at home and it's getting lonely. Need that closeness again

Life is too short and I'm stuck in a complicated, lonely situation. Looking to connect with someone who makes me smile, feel special, and wants to have some fun.

I am turned on by a sharp but compassionate mind, a sense of humor that reflects perspective, and a body that shows self-care. Those are my people. I don't need or seek perfection, I just connect better with people who think we should never stop trying hard, and yet can laugh along the way and enjoy the moment.

Life can be strange and complicated and there is never enough time! Funny patient loving guy looking to steal you away for some brief passion when ever time will allow and provide a partner to communicate with when we cannot. Wide variety of hobbies and interests and just really looking forward to getting to know someone!

looking for something to bring passion back into my life. Things have been missing and I like to live life again. Love talking and holding a great conversation but love laughter.

I am really missing the touch of a man and sweet kisses. Someone who wants to talk to me and not ignore me

Where to start? Lol well, as I assume we're all here, we're in failing marriages. I'm looking for clean chat right now. I'm hoping to maybe have an emotional affair right now. Now, onto the goods lol. I love the outdoors, photography, sketching, music (rock and country mainly, but listen to all). I love love and everything about it. I love affection, cuddles, love making. I love it all. I'm very 420 friendly and I hope you are as well. Message me if you think we'll get along!

I'm in a perpetual state of hypothesizing there's not just one person for you out there..... anxious to meet someone who shares the same sentiment!

Tired of doom and gloom, looking for positive outlook and maybe a kind word....

Seeking an escapism from the responsibilities of work and life!

Well I normally would save the speech about how great someone is for well for someone else but alas here I am. The truth is life has gotten a bit repetitive and dull, to truly appreciate the time we have requires occasionally mixing In new sensation if for only a temporary amount of time. I want to accomplish a revitalization if you will and hopefully find someone to share a brief but fulfilling moment of my newest chapter in this currently unfinished book.

A real man is a woman's best friend. He will never let her down. He will comfort her after a bad day. He will inspire her to do things she never thought she could do. He will enable her to express her deepest emotions. He will enable her to be confident, sexy, seductive and invincible ...No, wait. Sorry. I'm thinking of wine. It's wine that does all that. Never mind. A person has many sides. Many facets. How would it feel to stir in a scintilla of vanilla as one thinks kink and not blink. It's not necessary to think about how all sides need attention. To be nurtured. She might find herself awakening. To picturing herself stretching with a trusted partner. I'm curious to know all about her. That's possible, right? Are you here to find me, or for me to find you? So in a nutshell... I enjoy brilliant conversations. I enjoy shameless flirtations. I enjoy kink. I enjoy laughter. I enjoy using the word enjoy.....

I am an outgoing quirky, silly and intelligent female. I am married to my best friend but we are more like roommates than a couple. I am looking to fill that void in my life. I am not looking to change my home situation. I just want to find the missing spark. I want to find someone for a long term relationship. I want to feel butterflies in my stomach again and find someone I cant stop thinking about. Could that person be you?

Im simple, easy to know. Im a romantic, its been missing in my relationship for a long time ....... frustration is real!

I am about connecting and communication and sharing positive energy in a mental and physical balance. I am open minded in a tantric way and yet out to please and be pleased for a person seeking a discreet yet real and fun time. Shall we? "You can't do much about the length of your life, but you can do a lot about its depth and width." Unknown...

If you haven't really been kissed in a long time then let me show you how it's done..;)

....maybe that will change...

20 years of marriage and I am living with a room mate. I am looking for the excitement and thrill of passion. I have been told I am not bad to look at and am looking for a woman who takes care of herself and is missing the same things I am......

Seeking a spark in my life, something to get excited about. Let's explore this forbidden fruit together!

When I am bad, I am better....

Open to meeting new people and enjoying all this short life has to offer

Looking for some passion in my life. Are you her? Let's meet then!

I want to embrace new opportunities and expand my horizons

I am looking for someone who wants to spice things up, explore, feel those butterflies again. That excitement of getting to know someone and something new.

I'm here to find what I've been missing. I long for that new relationship feeling. The excitement of knowing someone out there is thinking of me

I am looking for first of all a friendship. Friendship and caring I feel go hand in hand. I am someone who has a big heart, loves to laugh and have a good time but, I am one who can be serious when the time comes. I love taking long walks and enjoying nature. I love going to the beach or getting away to the mountains. I enjoy working in the garden or happily content with watching a good movie or TV show, I enjoy going away but can be just as content staying home. I can be very down to earth but can also be a little devilish at times. I am looking for a woman who wants to be treated as a lady. A person who wants affection and does not mind showing it in return. Looks are not everything, it's what you want and feel inside that sometimes counts.

Looking to live my best life with no regrets. I want to embrace new opportunities and expand my horizons

.. wanting the most out of life

Just need to connect....

I just want one person. I miss the spark. I miss the romance. I want love.

I'm seeking someone to connect with. Someone to laugh with. Someone to communicate with. Someone to feel the passion with. Let's take the time to get to know each other and let the feelings grow

Just looking for something more...out of life

Just searching for passion again. Like many, after years I just need more. I offer understanding of discrete, difficult situations. Patience, appreciation of a beautiful mind and confident sexual appeal. Married seeking married. Willing to take a chance if you are.

I want something meaningful.... not shallow.... I'm sure someone out there gets my vibe.... it's not easy to make those connections when you're married.... and harder when kids are involved to make those hard choices....

I've always had an incredible passion for living life to its fullest. I am a hopeless romantic and always strive to believe in the good within everyone. I'm straightforward about my needs, and honest when I feel hurt. I am looking for an equally positive partner who loves to try new experiences and is a great and open communicator.

... the anticipation of getting together, the excitement of touching, teasing and foreplay. I think you get the picture...

I have found that the best times in my life have always been when I have been able to share the moment with someone special. Let's chat and see if there is a connection. I look forward to speaking with you

We are going to need a lot of love and passion to go through this year!

Marriage is good, but with no passion or affection. Would be nice to feel wanted... Not looking for love, just someone to talk to and to build up a crazy hot desire for... to want each other and be able to feel passion again

Lets start the conversation

Looking for passion, a man to hold my attention. Looking for outgoing, fun, open minded non-judgmental. I love self expression through body art (tattoos). I am sassy, fiery and bold. Do you think you are that one??

I miss the butterflies that come with the anticipation of a date, a kiss, and all the things that come with it. I'm a hopeless romantic at heart I guess. I need passion back in my life! What do you desire?

I am sure I am looking for what everyone on here is. Something different, exciting and to just feel alive and good.

I'm not looking to replace anyone or be replaced. I'm just looking for some stimuli. I miss the touch of a woman let alone just talking to one. I'm just tired of being neglected Life is too short to not enjoy some physical and intellectual time with someone, especially someone in the same situation.

Hung in there for a long time but am completely unfulfilled. My core circumstances can not change at present but fulfillment and enjoyment can, right?! You too?? I've made some positive lifestyle changes, gotten healthier, but my "happiness" is practically nil. Enough is enough. So now I am gonna pursue happiness. I'm seeking no commitments, nor will I offer any. I'm looking and wanting casual, occasional (as we both have time for), honest, respectful and "mutually" enjoyable fun and pleasure. Friendship is good too. I am so missing and wanting some spontaneity, fun, flexibility, even creativeness and energy in thought and attitude towards life, passion and desire. If we share that then, who knows, maybe we can click and thoroughly enjoy giving to, and receiving from, each other - and give each other something to look forward to in this life!

Im looking for fun and great times. I love great conversation, intimate connections. Let the good times roll!

I am looking for my little spark again. Just that small jolt that suddenly makes me perk up again with the anticipation that something more might be coming.

Love. Live. Laugh. Shatter the loneliness. Message, text, email and/or meet. Love listening to you. Let fill the void with a secret garden of passion and creativity.

About me...stylish, sassy, sexy, sweet, sensational About You....classy, genuine, well looked after with aquired taste About us......if things hit off, you will know about it accordingly

Guilt and shame are negative emotions and do not have a place in my life.

Being average sets you free

To seek out new life and new civilizations. to boldly go where ever the hell I want. Especially the red room.

I am looking for love again. I want that feeling of just wanting to be together, heart fluttering, and romantic kisses. I am interested in finding someone to have a relationship with now, with the open possibility that things may develop into more of a relationship where we decide to be together and leave our current situations. If this is not you, that is ok. I just thought I would put it out there in case there is someone else like me out there, please contact me if you have an interest in a relationship like I have described above.

As I have reached my 40s and raised three children to adulthood, I have started think a lot more about what I want. I am not unhappily married, but I have also come to realize that I am not monogamous at my core. I am not looking for multiple partners, but rather one special woman who is married who is also looking for something new. People grow, people change. You start to realize that you can love more than one person, while also keeping your home intact. I am looking for a long-term girlfriend who is as discreet as I am and wants to be loved, seen, touched, and valued. I am looking for the same.

.....a spark is all I need ...

Missing that personal human touch and passion which gets lost with the materialistic mundane cyclical loop of our everyday life. Looking to give a special someone a little spark, some or lots of pamper, a bit of indulgence, hearing you, listening to you, be close to you, sooth you, calm you and just be with you, not thinking of anything else but you. Would you let me with you?

I am fire and passion, but that has died and I need to find it again ......

Miss feeling special, beautiful, wanted

Work Moderately. Best fun is between two secrets are meant to die with us

and nobody to give it to.... Allow ourselves the the chance to see where our desires will take us

Seeing what's out there

Just looking for a spark to remind me of the fire ...

I am in search of someone to have a good connection. Someone with whom I look forward to talking to each day and build a discreet, passionate relationship. There is a need of passion, desire, adventure in ones life. I am hoping to find it with that special someone....

I am looking for someone that shows a genuine interest in my thoughts, feelings and opinions

I want a close long term friend, I want someone I can talk to and laugh with. Someone I crave and long to be with. Someone I can tell anything to and vice versa. Someone who I can laugh with and be happy with. Someone I can be goofy and ridiculous with and have fun. A really amazing friendship and connection is what I want. A guy who is caring, honest, compassionate, trustworthy, communicative, attentive, loves to laugh and be crazy stupid. Someone who can laugh at themselves and does not take themselves too seriously, but who can also be serious when needed. Someone with an amazing sense of humor with a side of sarcasm and smart ass! I choose to be a happy person. I love sex.....but with the right person where there is a real connection. Lets talk!

I do! Seeking someone in a similar place. If you are out there, would be great to chat and see if there is a spark

You said we are not lovers, just strangers with the same damn hunger.

Need someone with a spark to remind me of the beauty of life

What brings a man like me to a place like this, or for that matter, any of us? It's a hole or a void in our life that needs to be filled, I suppose. For some, it's simply the desire to be wanted, to be loved, cherished, held in a person's embrace, touched, kissed... For others, it's more animalistic, an urge or itch that cannot be scratched that drives us to do things both reckless and foolhardy. Like creatures of the night, we search for the forbidden fruit that haunts our dreams. Which one am I? I do not know. Perhaps this place will hold the answers.

Fun-Free-Unpredictable-Daring. This is how I am and how I like people to be

Just your average, everyday married woman who is in a loveless marriage. I really miss excitement of being with someone new.

Life should be lived, not endured. There are sights to be seen, exquisite meals to be savored, laughter to make troubles forgotten, moments to cherish, and memories to be created. I'm a professional who has enjoyed a good life but am not ready to settle for what was. There is so much more I want to experience and enjoy. I want a special lady who craves romance, travel, naughty pleasures, stimulating conversation, someone who wants to feel appreciated, who aches to be kissed passionately, who needs a gentleman to look at her with desire.

Looking for someone to make me feel special again

I’m in search of someone to have a good connection. Someone with whom I look forward to talking to each day and build a relationship. There’s a need of passion, desire, adventure in ones life. I’m hoping to find it with that special someone

Need an escape from the routine boredom

I just want a really good friend that could open up and share there whole world.

No need to continue with unrequited passion any longer. If you're ready to take steps towards fulfilling your own joy and happiness then we should talk

You said we are not lovers, just strangers with the same damn hunger. To be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all

Want get out there meet new people, laugh, love, and something new.

Should life be full of love, passion and spark? Need somebody who wants to look forward to talking and getting to know me and who I will be excited to talk to every day

Want to find some passion and excitement to go along with it

looking for that something extra that makes your pulse race

Either this resonates or it does not.... please get in touch if it does. Wonderful wife and family but bored to tears and starved in bed. Looking to find someone who is interested and interesting, sensual and sexual. Someone who enjoys attention and affection, who might even enjoy the occasional kiss and enjoys sex! I have so much affection and intimacy to give- and no, this is not COVID-induced cabin fever! You also appreciate conversations on all types of topics and indulging your curiosity in and out of the bedroom. I am envisioning seeing each other regularly (in a post-COVID world) but not to the extent of disrupting your life. This should make our lives better and bring 0 drama. If you are a little intrigued, I hope to hear from you!

the rest is to be found with you!

Connecting with intimacy and passion is a must!

I'm such a simple, reliable, loving, passionate, affectionate, calm, easy going, down to earth, romantic, cheerful, friendly, fun and emotional young lady, I've got beautiful face, nice red head, beautiful mind and soul. I'm looking for a nice wonderful man who knows how to pamper and care for me. I'm sensual, energetic, I've got massive sex drive, get to know me and find out more. I'm open to all possibilities. I just want to be happy, Life is too short you know

I promise I won't write a book here. I'm an attractive, fit, passionate woman seeking my hot, sexy, respectful, intelligent, funny counterpart Just one ongoing mutually satisfying situation. We'll get along both in & outside the bedroom Where are you my handsome stranger? I'm here to find an amazing connection. Come here & find me ....

No longer a mere craving fueled by lust, it is just that I must...... ....heed my need to feed. So damn good she tastes indeed. Mutual mastery, late night shenanigan. Refreshed by restoration, oh that buzz of being young again. No turning back, she sees now addiction is swift, appeased  appetite temporary, entangled, toward  slumber we drift.

Well in life you have tough choices to make this just might be one. I enjoy a fine bottle of wine by the fire place and enjoy a cold bottle of beer on the back deck. I love a great sense of humor and a guy who knows what he wants

Need quality not quantity. I'm looking for that One that is happy where their at but need something extra. Need a natural born leader. You lead I follow. Submissive but only in bed. Need to be tall, loving, affectionate, dominate, dedicated, and handsome. Too much? Well that's my dream so might as well dream big! Not interested in one time hookups, want something meaningful for both. You would be proud to stand before me in public so you have to be attractive. I love LOVE, so if you are not the serious type dont waste your time or mine. Let's do this, let's find out what's in store for us. It could be awesome.

I am looking for a discreet encounter. I like to please and be pleased and I like to laugh and make laugh. I am new at this and a bit shy and excited at the same time. You are kind, kind of crazy in a good way. I am open to get to know someone who also would like a different touch.

I would love the chance to get to know you and see how we can make our lives better together

It may be possible to love life without the love of a woman, but it is not possible to be a lover of women without a love for life. I am in search of someone to have a good intimate hot passionate relationship with. I am a professional guy with a busy life, but like most of us, I am missing that connection in my life. I am looking, searching...

I'm searching for a partner in crime who wants to expand her horizons. Are you in a long term relationship that has been passionless for longer than you'd like to admit? Do feel like "stuck in a rut" can't even come close to describing the grand canyon of routines you seem powerless to escape from? Have you tried everything you can think of to bring a little spice back into your relationship only to have your efforts go unnoticed and unappreciated? Would you like to find a man who is not afraid to communicate his thoughts feelings and desires? Do you think foreplay is vitally important to any adventure? That kissing is an absolute necessity? Would you like to meet someone who would be happy to listen to your thoughts, desires and what you have to say for a change? If this sounds like you, I would love the opportunity to get to know you better....all of you. I would like to become friends first. Once that's established, it could lead to some VERY intense benefits. I'm funny, flirty, and fun to be around. I'm not looking to change my situation, nor would I ever expect you to change yours. I'm simply looking for the passion and fun that is lacking in my relationship and trying to find one special woman looking for the same. Do you know how that first, hesitant kiss you share with someone new can explode into something feverish? Maybe meeting each other could be a lot like that. There's only one way to find out ;-) I DO understand about attraction and how there needs to be a connection on a physical level as well as an intellectual level for anything like this to work. We both know I'd be lying if I said looks aren't important because we both know they are. But beauty is more than skin deep, and I am looking for that inner attractiveness too.

Let's connect and smile

We are all here because we miss variety in our lives. Lets meetup and enjoy in the adventure of saying f..... it you only live once

Happily married to my best friend. Not looking for a relationship; I have that already, along with the stress and responsibilities that come with it. Sometimes, I want an escape from my everyday reality so I'm exploring this option.

Hmm ... why am I here? The answer is simple. I look at my life and relationship and I want more. I like to think of myself as a hopeless romantic. Without turning my life upside down. Can I find someone who rocks my world? Good question as I wear my heart on my sleeve. And fall too easily. But I will never learn ... How about this? Let start out slow. Then there will be that moment when I take your hand for the first time. And kiss you for the first time. I can not wait for the butterflies that come from this.

Work to live, make loving fun, treat me right, loving

Let's talk... what do we have to lose?

...don’t know how to make me first and nobody else makes me first either so I feel alone in a crowded room

Can you be the flirty, sassy, energetic woman that I'm looking for?

I love sailing and comfortable being the 1st to dance

The butterflies you get in your stomach when the phone rings or you receive an illicit text. The way the hairs on the back of your neck rise at the thought of your next encounter. The anticipation and expectation you get as you dress for that encounter and the pure joy you feel when in the arms of your secret lover. This is a road I have. traveled before but not for some time in all honesty and wasn't sure I wanted or was able to travel again. But as they say 'you only get one life' and it is important to make the most of it as there will be no second chances. So I've decided to plunge back into the hedonistic waters and explore further to see if there are others out there like me who want to live life to the full and grab each and every opportunity before it passes you by.

Looking for excitement, conversation, connection, and a like-minded soul with similar needs and wants. I love to explore and try new things, so want to dance?

Have you ever been in a relationship where you knew what the other was thinking? Someone who inspired you, made you want more, helped you feel safe and figure out the world? Someone who saw things a bit differently? Someone you felt truly connected with? I have, and I miss it......

.... the flame flickered out long ago. I want to feel passion again--excitement! Don't you?

Looking for a friend to chat with, grab a coffee or a bite, hike, dance. and more!

I am not ready to give up on passion nor the living of life and will never stop pursuing life with great vigour as long as I am alive

.... and buy me tacos

Life gives us all our own personality and drives and passion. These change over time.... I've been just quietly waiting to die.....

I promise to return it

Only one way to discover how needed we are to one another

Looking for a fun distraction

I want to believe it’s never too late to pursue that which makes you happy!

I forgot how to have fun for a long time and I'm done drowning in sorrow. I want to rediscover who I am and have fun along the way

I'm married, but I need more than a roommate. Hoping to find a long term "friend" with similar interests, someone thats not afraid to get their hair messed up when the urge hits us to take a spontaneous "long lunch break", and spend the afternoon teasing each other. Being serious is a real struggle for me, I can't tell a joke to save my life but I find humor in everything. I'm too tall, have big hands, and I know what your thinking, yes it is very hard finding gloves. Think we'd click? Let's chat and see.

I just want to feel desired, is that too much to ask?

.... with your wittiness, passion for life, romance and chemistry. Friends first of course - if that works out and the lip-lock sessions and cuddling begin - bonus.

Perhaps we can create a space and special moments for ourselves.. if our paths crossed let us see where it can lead

My imagination moves me: I love exotic travel; I love deep feelings that tremble the mind out of daily habits. I need excitement and someone who will return that excitement

So now that you have found me, I must admit you have excellent taste in more ways than one

Married but missing the spark. Each day I feel more and more neglected and I want to change that in the new year. I'm looking for someone to chat with, have fun with, and to explore with....

I love sailing and comfortable being the 1st to dance

I'm a regular guy; house, kids, career, etc. I'm generally happy with my scene, but looking to find what's missing. Stuff I like: sports (playing/watching), trying different foods, travel, folding laundry Stuff I don't like: mean people, really cold weather, putting away laundry I'm generally considered attractive, intelligent and witty. At least that's what my mom tells me. (that's a joke) Hoping to meet someone (ONE person) to connect with and goof off with and see what happens. There's a lot more to me than what's written. Just ask!

So the daily question is. Do I stay faithful to my wife. Or do I give in to the most basic of human instinct. The hunt for lust and desire. Everything is "fine" marriage wise. It's just the excitement is gone. First off. No. I will not leave her. Discretion is a must have for me here. I doubt that anything will even go further then talking. Sometimes just being wanted is enough. But who knows. Mainly I just want to find someone to talk to. Maybe more. Only time will tell. Now that it's all out there. I'm sure most of you have stopped reading and moved on. For those still interested in talking please message me.

I feel like the best years of my life are being wasted with the wrong person. I am just looking over the fence right now daydreaming of a different life.

I'm that obnoxious class clown type of guy in the group, always looking for the next laugh or unbelievably weird, crazy, "I can't believe it's not butter" moment that turns an ordinary lunch, car ride, or random encounter into an unforgettable, laugh every time it gets brought back up, 10 years later still can't believe it happened kind of memory. It's tough to put into words anybody's actual personality but I can try to with my goes..... "Flibbertigibbet" (it'll make sense after you Google it lol) Always live to make life a laughing matter! It's more fun that way!

I’m married and looking for something... different. Remember those butterflies? Dressing up to go on a date? Trying to make the other one laugh? Excited to learn new things about each other?

Lets eat, drink, flirt and and have good time together!

Seeking to find the excitement and anticipation that physical and mental chemistry ignites

Someone who is happy with their life, but missing that spark of excitement and rush of being out there

Well in life you have tough choices to make this just might be one.....

Looking for excitement, conversation and a likeminded soul with similar needs and wants. I love to explore and try new things

Need that closeness again

hoping to connect with a lady in the same boat and is looking for fun and explore what we both have been missing.

lost that romantic spark, and am looking to add some more spice to my life

If there is mutual chemistry we'll see where we end up - hopefully in each other's arms!

Lets share some laughs! We all could use some of those these days

You never know where you will go when you travel down the new path less taken

Coffee & Intelligent Conversation with a dash of Naughtiness

I still think there's love out there

Need that spark back in my life, that excitement. Finding my soulmate would be perfect

I've been waiting a long time for you and I can't wait to meet you

Need someone to learn to enjoy life with again

I've been waiting a long time for you

You never know where you will go when you travel down the new path less taken

Have lost that romantic spark, and am looking for a friend to flirt and play with. Nothing serious, just a chance to enrich both of our lives

Remember there was that spark, that flutter of the heart? The electricity and excitement? Lets find that again. The appreciation, no expectations just the moment, the desire, the thrill of wanting someone and being wanted back.

Tired of being unhappy. Not laughing. I want that. I need that. I need passion and a man that can romance me. Take each other to new heights.....

I like to go with the flow and be spontaneous. Sorry ladies, I fall into the "white guys can't dance" category

Looking to ignite the fires of passion again. Life is way to short, live it to the fullest!!! Take a chance, you never know...

Call me romantic, perhaps crazy; but I'm in love with falling in love...Getting to know each other, sharing thoughts and ideas, holding hands, doing things together, that first kiss, "necking", pillow talk...all of it!

Stay Human its all Love

I want to be with a special lady who can't wait to be kissed like she is all I want. To hold her tight and make her feel like no one else matters. I just want to feel loved and someone who is missing the same as me.

To me, intelligence is sexy and hot. Anything else is serendipitous. I'd like to start as friends, maybe chat first, see how things develop and where they might go from there. Exchange e-mails? Chat? Coffee? Happy hour?

Neglected I need passion back

Eat, drink, and be merry!

Fly me to the moon....

Lonely girl in a lonely world

I believe the mind is the sexiest part of a woman

Is your relationship flame flickering? Looking to enjoy the excitement that goes with meeting someone new. If you are up for new experiences within the boundaries of discretion and mutual respect let's see where this goes....

Just tell us where it is; we'll find it...

I was raised to be a gentleman and I will treat you accordingly. We all fear rejection, but unless you put yourself out there you will never find what you are looking for. Take a chance!

I'm here to find a friend, a lover and confidant. I'm not into multiple hookups, I'm looking for that one very discreet, fulfilling and fun relationship. Is that you? I am a confident, supportive and giving person. I live a very active lifestyle, love to travel, cook, avid wine enthusiast, enjoy the finer things life has to offer, I'm simply missing that "someone" to share it all with. I love the outdoors and just about everything it has to offer. I would love to make a connection with someone that has similar interests.

The last time I did this, men were blokes, women were sheilas and buses still had conductors. Well, here goes. My eyes play tricks on me now. Once upon a time I could see a young man in the mirror, now all I see is my father. Heard of brick-veneer? Well, my head has hair-veneer. They say reading broadens your mind. It has the same affect on my stomach. So much so that I cant see my joystick any more. My second childhood must be upon me 'cos I still like reading comics. The TV programmes I watch are mostly on the repeat channels. Books seem to be much thicker now. I don't drink coffee but I love tea and juice (though not in the same cup:). I've still got two heads, two arms and two legs which work. Two legs to find you with, two arms to hold you with and two heads to adore you with. Oh, I've also got two faces, I'm a Gemini. I've been told when I was young I looked old and now that I'm old I still look young but my Dorian Gray picture must be faulty cos' it looks better than I do. I like humour, eg., "Did you know that most married couples have sex doggie style? He sits up and begs while she rolls over and plays dead!" I watch a lot of movies on all channels, but not blood, gore and violence. I like movies about the battle of the sexes with clever dialog and great one-liners. I tend to cry during sad movies more now. Goodness knows why. I like most music but not rap, heavy metal or tuneless jazz. The reason I'm on this site is that, due to circumstances beyond our control, my wife and I have not been intimate for quite a while now and I miss the touch of smooth, soft, warm, skin. Hopefully you'll think I'm funny, honest and sincere, but I could be wrong. If you'd like to start the ball rolling by swapping some humorous banter, contact me.

I'm looking to spice up my life and direct some of my energy, words and passion to someone who wants it. Anyone curious or interested in what a man with words of passion, wit and wisdom can offer?

Let's find out... that's part of the fun, right?

I am a passionate man looking for a passionate married woman... not getting the passion at home

At the edge of fear, where rules are made to be broken, we escape our realities to Eden to feel the joys of you being a sensual woman, and upon our return, every pore of our being begs to come back to paradise

Country boy looking for passion again

Looking to ignite the fire inside again... My days are filled with meetings and my evenings filled with torrid thoughts. My life is a hamster wheel of repetitiveness.

I have passion to spare.....

You had once, and you want it back. Someone that not only wants and desires you now, but can't wait to see you again. Its an animal thing that gets lost in a long-term relationship, but its what we remember and carve the most. Its out there, so get it back!

Need someone to make me smile

Lovely personality and a great sense of humor :-)

Looking for someone to help fill the void in my life. I am looking for someone to make me smile again when I hear my phone jingle. I want to feel like a kid again when I hear your voice, and I hope to make you feel the same. Life is much too short to be unhappy and unsatisfied. I want to make ours a little more bearable. Let's trade secrets and see what happens!

Life\'s too short to be without passion

Looking for some passion and excitement again

Looking for a woman who is in need of a man to bring her the passion and the feeling that she's needing and wanting. I would like to begin as friends, create a warm and strong relationship, and then meet in person.

My marriage for the past several years has turned into roommates with separate living spaces. I don't want to divorce just because I am not happy. Being single, alone and unhappy after the fact, seems worse to me. I am hoping to find and meet someone to bond with emotionally before, during and after I make the decision to divorce.

Fun Seeker, life's short, love like it's your last day on earth, no regrets

Enjoy company of women, respect needs and emotions of the person I am company with. Like to share a good time with glass of wine, some story time, knowing the heart of the person.

- friend, confidante, secret lover and reason for the sun to shine

That 7 year itch is here. I am looking for someone who loves to live, laugh, love -with no strings attached. Give me the illusion of the best date ever -without having to worry about commitment. I miss having fun and interesting conversations. Friends with benefits? That sounds amazing to me!

Need help igniting a smoldering fire. Help me with your wittiness, passion for life, romance and chemistry. Friends first of course - if that works out and the lip-lock sessions and cuddling begin - bonus. Warning: I'm a flirt and love when our chemistry is working. The feeling is infectious and can actually create magic. Let me respect you while we listen to each others stories and laughs. Then when the sun is low enough and the moon starts to rise....well...there is a bonus too.

Quietly intense, hopelessly romantic, and intelligent. I am seeking a lady who does not describe herself as "low maintenance". One who appeals to me is a lady who wears skirts and dresses more than slacks. High heels and makeup are her standard as well as a sense of class and a smoldering sensuality. Think Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman and Audrey Hepburn...

I believe in quality over quantity. Chemistry/compatibility is important as well as being safe & discreet. I'm upbeat, positive, funny and fairly open-minded to certain things. I'm looking for someone who is genuine, has a great personality, is fit/takes care of their body and mind, has a bit of an edge and knows how to be flirty and sexy. I don't mind meeting new people. Life is an adventure and you never know who you will meet to either help you or teach you something about yourself. If you think you can create a spark that's missing right now, let me know!

Looking for passion and excitement. Active, funny and free spirited are all turn ons

Up for chats to see where we can go..... I'm respectful, courteous and curious. You are confident in who you are. Happy to meet you wherever you feel confident.

I am a bit of a romantic who just wants to get to know a nice woman. I will treat you with respect and kindness. I love playing drums, riding my motorcycle and good sweet talk

At the edge of fear, where rules are made to be broken, we escape our realities to Eden to feel the joys of you being a sensual woman, and upon our return, every pore of our being begs to come back to paradise.

Life is too short to be lonely I love animals. I love to cook. I've been married a long time. There is no passion anymore. I would like to find a connection. I would like to be emotionally connected. I want more than sex. I want to know there is someone out there that truly cares about me

Sex is easy to find these days, especially for women. But that's not all I'm looking for. I'd love a no drama, fun, benefits occasional friend. Yes, friend. I'm not claiming to be hot or sexy, just cute, some say pretty, relatable and obviously looking for more, but I'm picky. Here are the ground rules: I will never leave my family. I require utmost discretion. Drama is a turn off. I'm mostly attracted to INTELLIGENT, WITTY/FUNNY, sarcastic men who are taller than me, clean cut, and if possible in shape. Hell if this is a hookup page, I might as well say what I like, right?? I'm especially attracted to men in uniform, but it's not a requirement, just a silly crush.

I am Italian... a lot of passion to share. I love the connection of touch...feel...kissing...Hopefully you are looking for the same. I am open to new people and new experiences...just be real. Let's do this!

Me: Fun, adventure, passion, relaxed atmosphere. Let's turn down the dull routine, and turn up the fun. I would like to take you on dates. Go to movies, museums, picnics, boat rides, walk on the beach, hike, camping, kayaking, surprise me and tell me something you would love to do. Skydiving and learning to fly a plane are on my bucket list, so who knows. I will make time for you, that's why I am here. Texting during the day, and at night. Calling when possible, because if it this far along I will want to hear your voice. That being said, I do have to work (I love what I do and own my own business). I am looking for one woman, not looking to serial date. You: Fun, with a sense of humor and adventure. Likes the outdoors, but can be just as relaxed watching a movie and sharing a bottle of wine. Looking for a break and escape from the routine. Judging a book by it's cover leads to a lot of bad reading. I really do hope we all find someone who makes us happy and fulfilled.

Same story as everyone else, married but looking to spice things up discreetly and safely. No passion at home so open to someone to really let loose with, for our mutual pleasure. Let's turn our fantasies into mind-blowing realities! lol .. don't let the shtick above fool you though. I'm a regular guy that enjoys conversation and laughter and getting to know you, discovering what makes you smile and seeing if my off-the-wall sense of humor can get a snort out of you when you least expect it ... so be warned! Smart, sensual, a silly tickler at times and silently caressing your skin at others, depends on the mood. Let's discover each other!

Looking for someone to actually take out on a date. Someone that can get away for an overnight once every month or two. I like to try new restaurants and see movies, even do some shopping. Basically I want to find someone to flirt with and actually have fun with each other. I want someone to remind me how beautiful a relationship is supposed to be. I just want to be intimate with someone again. You cannot be ticklish if you want to date me seriously. I want someone that likes to flirt/text with erotic memes and GIFs.. I want as close to a relationship as I can get with someone that has the same problem at home as I do...

Looking for someone to have a great time with. I'm not looking for multiple partners. Instead, I'd like to find one person I can meet up with often to help bring back some excitement.

The first meeting, the conversation, The Touch, and last but not the least, The Kiss will determine if we have a connection!

It seems like I have been married forever and the flame has gone out. No passion. Very little emotional attachment. Looking for a lady who desires a relationship with passion, emotional attachment, and a healthy dose of laughter and good times!

Always wondered if there are people out there like me. People that have a void that cannot be filled by simple emotional OR physical connection. People that have a deep appetite for intellectual AND physical connection without being shamed by the plastic norms of our society. Someone that is kinky, raw, and ferocious in bed without any kind of harm. Research proves physical and emotional needs are two separate things our brains process separately.

Kindness and understanding are big for me. I love to experience and learn about almost everything. Connecting with others to share stories, laughs, wisdom and love is the most meaningful in my world..known to attract the oddballs, meek and downtrodden.....they need love too.

I'm a professional, secure, and confident woman. I'm just checking this out to see what is it there. I'm ready to live again, and have a little fun

Not looking to change anyone, please come as you are..!! Love to hear from you..

Desire, heat and passion Easy-going and fun looking for to spice up my sex life, feel desired and explore. I would prefer something ongoing with someone with who I can have fun and have some kind of connection. Not looking to change my status or yours so discretion is a must and no drama.

Looking for something to bring passion back into my life. Things have been missing and I like to live life again. Love talking and holding a great conversation but love laughter!

Little bit about me...discreet, looking for some sparks, passion & laughs. Love music, the outdoors & my dog

I'm looking for a cure for my loneliness and boredom in regard to my current relationship. I have been sacrificing my happiness for my kids to have a normal life, but I'm starting to question what "normal" is. At the very least, I want to connect with a woman in a way I haven't for years! I'm passionate, a giver, and like to cuddle. I'm basically a Viking-looking teddy bear who just wants a woman I can relate to, who can relate to me, to my situation.

I'm a highly energetic gal. Outgoing and fun, laughing is the best medicine

A passionate gentleman looking for fun, laughter and possibly more with a like minded lady. Not in a great situation but would love getting to know a tender someone and feeling that spark again. Not looking to complicate anyone's life, just to improve it. Like to believe I'm a generous and caring guy.

I'm looking for love. Someone who I can talk to and possible meet up. I'm interested in one who is mature in mind and young at heart. I'm energetic and passionate in love

Same story as everyone else, married but looking to spice things up discreetly and safely. No passion at home so open to someone to really let loose with, for our mutual pleasure. Let's turn our fantasies into mind-blowing realities! lol .. don't let the shtick above fool you though. I'm a regular guy that enjoys conversation and laughter and getting to know you, discovering what makes you smile and seeing if my off-the-wall sense of humor can get a snort out of you when you least expect it ... so be warned! Smart, sensual, a silly tickler at times and silently caressing your skin at others, depends on the mood. Let's discover each other!

A relationship is only as good as the time and effort put into it, and I am willing to work at it. But as I have discovered, it does not work if it is one sided. I am kind, easy going, empathetic, eclectic, passionate, a reader, love the outdoors, discreet, used to be a good dancer, intelligent, shy at first, sense of humor, I miss having a good conversation. I was raised to be a gentleman and I will treat you accordingly, unless you request otherwise. ;) We all fear rejection, but unless you put yourself out there you will never find what you are looking for; take a chance.

Let's generate a friendship that'll keep us interested and coming back!

Make me alive again :-)

I'm a hopeless romantic seeking someone who is the same. I Love long walks, discreet romantic encounters, and someone with whom I can simply enjoy life with

I am awesome and full of life. Love and respect woman and try to be a perfect gentleman at all times. I love to have an intelligent conversation and laugh about simple nothings

I am a lady that needs lots of attention and consistency but also to meet a great guy

Stress is just to expensive for me, and peace is free

Living in beautiful South and looking to add some excitement, and spark to my life. Looking for someone fun that hold a conversation, meet for dates, and see what happens

Looking for that exclusive partner in crime. Missing that passionate intimacy in my life. I prefer a man who takes the lead and wants to explore our secret desires

I would like to find someone who is seeking a true gentleman to share passion with

Strong, gentle, masculine, attentive, romantic, chivalrous, witty, open-minded, occasionally brilliant and always humble gentleman, seeking a Lady who can fully appreciate. I have no problem with a Lady being in the drivers seat when she wants/needs. No assumptions and no expectations, but open to whatever develops.

I have a great sense of humor, very athletic and loves to hike and play golf, looking for someone to talk to and more, also must love Long, deep slow French kissing

Looking for fun people to connect with to add some passion to my life

I hope that there is someone out there that also misses the close intimate and wonderful feeling of being alive

I am a married guy that is looking for some excitement. I want to feel alive again

I am an independent man who knows how to treat a woman. I am very supportive and compassionate. I like to go out to dinner and to the movies. I enjoy nice music like jazz, R&B , soul, and some country. I do like Adele but Smokey Robinson is the best. I do enjoy travailing. I like just sending time with that one special woman. I am looking for a long term relationship. I desire a woman who I can talk to about anything and who can also tell me anything knowing that she has my support. I am a good listener and very understanding. I love the Lord God and try to consider Hem in everything I do. If you are looking for a good man then you need look no further. Love awaits you.

I am about connecting and communication and sharing positive energy in a mental and physical balance. I am open minded in a tantric way and yet out to please and be pleased for a person seeking a discreet yet real and fun time. Shall we? "You can't do much about the length of your life, but you can do a lot about its depth and width." Unknown...

I have a great life, but passion and romance are missing. I'm handsome, charming and modest. Do you like to laugh, then we should go to comedy club. Seriously I'm funny. and did I mention modest? I'm looking for someone who doesn't want to blow up their life, but reinvent a corner of it, a beautiful, expansive corner. I appreciate beauty, but most of all kindness and a light spirit.

Want to know what it feels like to be loved

Looking to enjoy life a little more... with you!

Romantic fun loving Man who wants to sweep a woman off her feet

Married a long time, ... life has changed, I miss the affection and tenderness with a man. A little shy, but open minded. I appreciate the simple things in life. I am not a fancy woman... more like a country girl. I will look for a down to earth, easy going, attractive, kind, gentle man who has a sense of humor, likes to take his time with a woman. I am NOT looking for one night stands. I would enjoy becoming flirty, touchy, huggie kissy friends. I don't want to destroy my marriage, but I would love to know a nice honest clean guy to share some "day" time with, maybe a smile, coffee, or lunch, ... or hugs, kisses and cuddles.

I am looking for a great time...Someone who enjoy life and very adventurous..I am not looking for a commitment but someone who enjoy great conversation, entertainment, and the better things that life has to offer.

Would enjoy sharing some laughs. Open to most topics of conversation; music, culinary, garden, politics

I am a happy person and prefer to surround myself with the other that enjoy life, fun and spontaneous moments. I am looking for a woman that shares my outlook and just wants to roll with the moment and have a good time.

I want to be able to spend time with a man who wants to have a friendship that may develop into a romantic spark. I want to feel inside a special man who is looking for someone to share feelings with to get through life that is devoid of emotional love

I want to be able to spend time with someone who wants to have a friendship that may develop into a romantic spark

I am not looking to change my situation, nor yours. I am looking for a genuine man for a connection that makes us both feel alive again

Genuine, Funny, Established. No time for drama- looking to enjoy the carefree relaxed free feeling of romance & care!!!

I savor the joys of family, sports, music, following a calling, and serenity in nature. I have no special talents; I'm only passionately curious. Once in a while, during the hustle and bustle of ordinary life, a women offers a taste of her mind with a flavor that can not be forgotten and our souls meet in harmonious passion. There is no greater joy.

Someone who can make me smile in and out of the bedroom. Not necessarily looking for a one night stand, prefer something more ongoing.

Not sure what I want just not what I have now. Hoping to find what I'm looking for here. I am very easy going and love to love life what ever I am doing. Just don't want to do it alone!

Athletic, mountain biker who is realizing that life is limited in length and meeting an awesome person to explore and explore with, with sounds exciting, scary and awesome.

Seeking a spark in my life, something to get excited about. I'm intelligent, kind, sweet, introspective, sometimes witty, down to earth, adventurous. Let's explore this forbidden fruit together!

I am an active, vibrant woman. Married but not happily. Have been on the shelf for years. Dusting myself off and ready to have fun. Looking to find a person to have fun with in similar situation or simply looking to just have fun with no strings attached.

Looking to fill the void of desire long gone.... I want a woman who has passions in life & will share them with me. Someone who loves dialogue. Someone to share stolen moments with.

A trusted, sexy friend to enjoy the simple things like a walk in a beautiful park, unexpected kisses-hugs-snuggling, just listening to each other at other times, and more.. You and I want the same thing....

I'm a Honest, Sensitive, Married Fun to be with kind of guy ( So they say). Looking for someone who is fallen short of Love in their relationship like I have. Please contact me if this appeals to you. Hope to hear from you soon :)

The thing that we are all missing

This is the first time I have ever been on a platform like this, and definitely the first time that I have ever planned to meet a new man. Everyone knows my story as it is your story too. I would like to take this adventure slow and hope to find someone that will help to bring a new smile to both of us. I am a normal, highly educated, very beautiful, and funny gal. If my friends had to describe me in one word, they would say "solid" as in dependable and stable. Hmmm...I never realized how difficult it would be to describe myself. About us: Again, I'd like to take things slow at first. This is a scary mission that I am on. Yet, once I find the person that is the right fit for me, I will be looking for a sweet romance. You know, the thing that we are all missing.

Affection, passion, understanding and companionship are the things I'm hoping to find. I love to be kissed passionately! The kiss means everything!!

Looking for a little spark back in my life. Help me find that spark!

It seems we all are looking for a little more in life. I'm looking to fuel and match my sex drive and appetite. Something discreet. Fun. Hot. Passionate. Daring. Or something more dialed down exploring and opening up more. Maybe something more therapeutic or reintroducing. Something to add that extra spark to life, but also fun and different.

Looking to meet new people and enjoy life as it comes. Not looking for just a hook up or one nighters. Hoping to find someone real and sincere. I'm a old fashioned hopeless romantic that hopes to find someone with a heart as big as mine.

Would like to meet a woman of similar mind. Interested in forming a sincere connection with mental and physical attraction. I'm open and honest and would expect the same. I'm attracted to intelligence and confidence. Body shape size or color otherwise doesn't matter too much.

I am looking for that special spark which has been missing from my life. I am stuck in a marriage with no intimacy but have two beautiful children which I do not plan on leaving. I am open minded and fun and looking for the right woman who is the same. I miss and love being passionate, deep kissing, cuddling, intimate conversations and connecting with you. I am easy going, funny and love to let my goofy side show if it makes you laugh. I am honest, respectful, respectful of boundaries and can be serious at times. I miss exploring every inch of a woman body. I enjoy deep conversations and getting to know you. I am looking for just one person so that I can give myself too. Looking for that one person who is like minded. Is that you? Are you discreet? Are you willing to meet up for a sensual time a couple of times a month and maybe more. Are you looking for something ongoing? Looking for something special? Something along the same lines? Let chat and see where we take this. I really hope you are out there.

Looking for distraction and diversion with an intelligent, creative and kind woman. Willing to explore, see what we might like together.

I am a married woman looking for the rush of a new relationship. You know what I mean, right? Not looking to leave my marriage, I want a new friend to experience life with.

Looking for a discreet encounter, and it doesn't necessarily have to be about sex. Looking to make a new connection and see what happens..

Romantic,sensual, sexual man. Italian/Greek. Dominant yet gentle. I need to feel passion in my life again. Want to hold you next to me and feel your heartbeat, your breathe quicken and your lips against mine. I need to explore every inch of your body and feel your response to my touch. Your body is a gift that I wish to treasure. I want you to possess a free will yet submit to my desires.

I am a very beautiful woman both inside and outside, hardworking, self confident, love romance, looking for that someone to remind me what love is all about again in a simple and discreet way. It sure feels good to wake up in the mornings and look forward to new adventures with someone you share the same understanding with. I love hardworking, gentlemen with a good sense of humor and of course handsome in the inside.

Affection, passion, understanding and companionship are the things I'm hoping to find. I love to be kissed passionately! The kiss means everything!!

Looking for like-minded person for lots of laughter, great food and whatever else we decide.

I do not play the field with everyone I seek that one person to enjoy life with. Are you the one to have fun and explore your naughty side one step at a time? When we are together, we will make our own rules and create our own unique experiences without feeling guilty. I can work around your schedule since my job is very flexible. Let's chat and find out if we have any chemistry that we can transfer to the bedroom. Let's go and have coffee. By the end of the last coffee drop, we both will know if there is any chemistry or thank each other and go our separate ways.

Longing for something real, something with a solid and emotional connection. Being the only one who puts effort in trying make something work, makes for a lonely day. I am a romantic at heart. What I'm looking for is probably a fairy-tale, but I looking for that someone that makes my heart skip a beat when I think of them.

Turn to work to fill the void in my life, missing those moments that have left me wondering. My completeness has been in the distance too long. Having desires of the soul that need help fulfilling.

Looking for a woman who would like to correspond via email or private messaging, occasionally meet for dinner / coffee / fun. Hoping to find a woman who is looking to feel alive again, much like I want to.

Variety is the spice of life. And a bold lady is the spice that can flavor my life. Are you the adventurous one, willing to experiment the unexplored taste of extra marital affair? We can tango together then, keeping our marital life safe and sacred.

Greetings! Do you enjoy music? The outdoors? Sports? Shopping and dining out? Relaxing in front of a fire in a cool night; or a good party? I am a cancer survivor..time to enjoy life to the fullest. Been in a long relationship...absolutely sexless for years. I stayed in this for my son..a fine young man and my best friend. I really crave good sensuous, erotic and tender loving..morning and night; I don't intend to leave my marriage due to financial and other reasons. But...always open to a change down the line. Ask me anything!

Same story as everyone else, married but looking to spice things up discreetly and safely. No passion at home so open to someone to really let loose with, for our mutual pleasure. Let's turn our fantasies into mind-blowing realities! lol .. don't let the schtick above fool you though. I'm a regular guy that enjoys conversation and laughter and getting to know you, discovering what makes you smile and seeing if my off-the-wall sense of humor can get a snort out of you when you least expect it ... so be warned! Smart, sensual, silly at times and silent at others, depends on the mood. Let's discover each other!

I am seeking an intimate relationship with a lady. A warm personality, curious, ready to surprise and be surprised, we would share the same excitement for life. I like sex, swimming and dancing. In that order.

I am passionate and physical. It has just been lost in the time of it all. Are you the same? Can we ignite the flame? Are you willing? If I can make you ignite, so will I :-)

I want to apply to be your guy when life gets too stressful and it's time to relax and enjoy life without any strings attach. I am currently looking for that one FWB to share excitement and a personal connection with. I do not play the field with everyone. I seek that one person to enjoy life with. Are you the one to have fun and explore your naughty side one step at a time? When we are together, we will make our own rules and create our own unique experiences without feeling guilty. Let's chat and find out if we have any chemistry that we can transfer to the bedroom. Let's go and have coffee. By the end of the last coffee drop, we both will know if there is any chemistry or thank each other and go our separate ways.

Always tough to describe one's self. But here goes- funny, love to laugh, smile, the great outdoors, surround myself with people that build not destroy, I think handsome too! Let's get some passion in our lives! Are you out there? I am hoping so

I enjoy getting to know someone over coffee or drinks. I have a slightly warped sense of humor... Definitely a people person ..

Sure, the prospect of why folks are here is...well...a grey area. So be it. But within the context of finding someone who *clicks* and operates on the same wavelength, be honest and upfront. Let's keep the lying to only what protects your safety and mine. For me. Well I'm average in every way. But people tell me I'm smart and a smart ass. I'm confident one of them them is true. I'm driven but have a heart, tend to move slow, and cautious. But open up in a big way when trust is established. It's simple really... I'm here to connect with someone (just ONE person) who's down to earth.To share a physical AND intellectual escape that would add that extra special something to look forward to...I'm generally very happy. Its my nature. So I'm not out to change the life I've invested in and committed too...just want to add a little something to it when time permits...

I am slender with a curvy bottom wanting an athletic/ fit male to carry me around. Grrrr!

Looks for what I am lacking at home Looking for a lovely lady to help me regain what I am missing at home. Life is short and we only live it once. No regrets on taking what we need...

Waiting for the next meetup, hoping that everything aligns so we can get together. Sometimes it's difficult, sometimes it's easy, but it's always fun. I'm looking forward to sharing my interests, which include cooking, music and travel.

Life should be fun and enjoyable and have some variety to keep the mind and heart stimulated. I'm average build and am interested in a lady who is honest about who and what she is. If you're fit, or working at it like me then that's all it takes. I have a busy work and home life, but once in a while I desire something else. Would you like to explore that desire with me? I am looking for a lady who is interested in fwb, and brings no drama. A lady who knows that it's the little details that make her sexy. She knows who she is and likes herself. A woman who interests me is a thinker and of course a bit naughty - maybe she's even a little nervous consorting with a married man who isn't her husband. She's discreet, and knows that our naughty rendezvous may be infrequent and brief. This is a woman who wants that excitement that comes from us meeting for dinner and drinks and when I pull her body tightly into mine she will encourage my excitement for her.

I love animals, reading ( when I have a chance), photography, strong manly hands, the smell of a man, making love and trying new things. I am looking for someone who knows how to keep a secret and can be discreet.

Hello! I am hoping to meet a gentleman that enjoys fun and conversation; would enjoy the opportunity to experience a connection. I'm attractive, kind and caring with a great sense of humor.

I love to go out and have fun, go to movies, camping, walking, cuddling on the couch, live music and good conversation I am a very romantic person who is tired of being lonely

Taking a break from the full time commitment, testing the waters to find somewhere to jump in. No real rule on what may come, best made plans of mice and men, right? I generally do not care for just plain one-time hookups, there many (healthier) ways to find physical release. Bedsides, I've always enjoyed a womans mind far more than empty pump and dump and want a connection before making a move I can't take back. Not necessarily love, young lust will do just fine. I'm adventurous, keeping it fresh is paramount. And if I seem shy, that's just my manners showing through. My Aries nature is always lying in wait for the right moment, will you be my reason?

Wow, a blog! Been a while since I have done one of these! Well, here I am. Finally at the point in my marriage where I can no longer tolerate the lack of affection and kindness any longer. I am tired of feeling lonely. I am nervous about signing up here. It has been decades since I have done this dating thing and I am not sure if I really know how to do it anymore. Never thought I would hear myself saying that! anyway, I’m hoping this little experiment works out well! Let the adventure begin!

I am looking for mature, stable, drama-free, non-judgmental women to spend some time with and create new experiences with in life! I'm a tremendously positive person with a real love for life! I love animals and movies, and I'm looking for someone with whom I can relax and have some fun! All preferences are completely up to you, not my decision. I am not looking to hurt or be hurt!

Seeking my best friend, confidant, companion, and lover. I am retired and have lots of time for the right man. I am very affectionate, loving and intelligent. My waters run deep. I would the opportunity to get to know you and see if we are a good match. Maybe I'll write you a poem or paint you a picture. I am creative that way. Life is better when it is shared, and shared with love. Let's start the adventure of our lifetime!

I'm hoping to meet a guy that loves the outdoors just as much as me, with a great sense of humour and can laugh at himself. Someone who doesn't take life too seriously! A good head on his shoulders and has a positive attitude. Someone who has his life together, for the most part! If that sounds like you, I'd love to hear from you ;)

I am a gentleman who is respectful and caring. I am shy at first which is why I've always had trouble meeting women. I am attracted to younger women who are easygoing and feel comfortable in casual dress and sometimes like to dress up. I'm hoping we can be discreet friends and lovers without the commitment and drama.

looking to flirt a little and have fun. I see no harm in that. Life can get dull if your partner doesn't know how to be fun.

We will be able to chat and share the little thrills and sad truths of life with one another. If the time becomes right to say hi in person we will make sure we are there to find that spark!

I am seeking a special friend I can develop an emotional and physical connection. I have no passion in my marriage...

Emails and meetings when we can. Quality over quantity (a little quantity would be nice! LOL). Very clean and pride in appearance is important. Age and body is secondary to a beautiful smile and sexy mind and attitude. I am not looking to change where I am or where you are, but looking to fill the void of passion and intimate complicity where we can loose ourselves in consuming, gentle, steamy, needy, caring intimacy where we are inspired to please one another.

..restless, intelligent, and still looking at each day as a blank canvas to fill. We want an attraction, to feel the anticipation of meeting. We are both healthy and exercise regularly. We eat well, though we indulge occasionally. We both enjoy movies, various kinds of music and exploring new areas as we travel. We are willing to take a chance to meet someone who fills our unmet desires and needs.....

The celebration of Fourth of July commemorates the acceptance of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On that day independence of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain was declared. A motion of independence was actually proposed in June of 1776 by Richard Henry Lee of Virginia. The legal separation occurred on July 2 when the Second Continental Congress voted to approve this resolution of independence. After completion of voting, Congress started to work on the actual Declaration of Independence. This statement was prepared by a Committee of Five, with Thomas Jefferson as its primary author. After working on some changes and revisions, final version of the Declaration of Independence was approved on July 4th, 1776.

I would say that I am a very down to earth man, someone who enjoys life and tries to live it the best I can. I enjoy the simple things, that life offers rather then being caught up into all the craziness one can experience, would say a woman who can turn any moment into a special moment. Someone who is affectionate and loving towards you. Also someone who takes what life has to give her and run with it. It takes a lot for a woman to really share how she feels just in general, I would like to find a woman who is willing to share her heart with me and allow me in to see the real her. A romantic would be nice too so we can catch the sunsets together.

Seek intelligent, attractive and sensuous woman; tired of the monotony of marriage - Someone adventurous, who wants to explore, and be explored - experience waves of adrenaline and passion coursing through your body...

I am married but missing the passion and caring with someone. Love the long passionate kisses and touching that I am currently missing. Would love to find someone that is similar. There is more to life than just sex. Love to find someone that loves to kiss cuddle, loves to be touched and cared about. Someone that also likes to talk. Can be about anything. I have a great ear... My current relationship is missing the passion and fun that I desire. I am hoping to find one that loves to be kissed and touched..

Passion has to always be present between two people. If not, then why not look for what your missing? I love passion, dancing, having fun!

I'm at the end of my rope with my marriage. It's been over 6 years with no touching, kissing and sex. The only love I get is from my dogs... I am looking for a very loving and passionate lady. I am open to any race and ethnicity of women, so I hope to meet you soon.

I am new to the site and came here because the passion and emotional connection has disappeared from my life. So i'm looking to spice up my life and direct some of my energy, words and passion to someone who wants it. Anyone curious or interested in what a man with words of passion, wit and wisdom can offer?

I am seeking a woman that is feeling neglected and abandoned emotionally and physically. My home life can best be described as isolated. I sleep in a separate bedroom, have no emotional or physical relationship. I need A special woman that be the kind of friend that will be there. I am very attentive, handsome (considered) intelligent, humorous, and a great listener. I would like a woman that desires true passion and a loving relationship!

For those who care about this sort of thing, I'm university educated, retired, married and looking for a relationship that will enable me to find passion again, with somebody who I "click" with. I'd describe myself as easy-going, warm, sensual and very much wanting to continue with the intimate/physical side of a relationship. I like interesting, well-made and slightly different films and TV shows. My radio preferences are BBC Radio 2 and BBC Radio 4. Physically, I'm average height, cuddly with green eyes and grey hair. Ideally, I'd like to meet someone who is, like me, sociable, with a good sense of humour and an interest in the arts/current affairs, and who enjoys conversation. In addition, a good match would be a lady who is determined that, just because of her age and/or marital situation, is not going to be compelled to live a celibate life.

I am a professional woman and married so discretion is a must. Looking for a good conversationalist and depending on chemistry, maybe more.

I don't think I can stand being ignored anymore. I want to talk and to laugh and have fun!

I'm an educated, confident professional seeking a passionate romance that starts with casual chat as we get to know each other. If there is mutual chemistry we'll see where we end up - hopefully in each other's arms! Looking for someone who is smart and fun that enjoys playful flirting.

I'm an entrepreneur who loves intellectual conversations and chocolate ice cream orgies. If you can eat peanut butter by the spoon we will probably get along. Peanut butter > jelly (Though, they still go together pretty well. Maybe we will too.) I like talking about all the things you're not supposed to discuss in front of polite company. Movies, Naps, Outdoor activities, showers (even an occasional bath), (I legitimately love) romantic comedies are some of my favorite things to do. If you're looking for discreet fun times we ill do great together DO NOT READ THE NEXT SENTENCE! You little rebel, I like you already.

I AM MARRIED ..."KINDA" ....MORE LIKE ROOM MATES! NO PHYSICAL RELATIONS AND ALMOST NO AFFECTIONS FOR 6 YEARS! I am hoping we can we share a note or two and discover if what we seek is within each others eyes.... Perhaps our shared desires are within each others touch? Lets allow us to know the desires we all whisper about... I am Discreet ...I am skilled .... I am Honest....and Affectionate...Caring and Respectful....... Before ....During ....and After ... all your passions have been fulfilled! I WANT TO MAKE YOU (((QUIVER))) IN MY ARMS I am hoping you will send me a note and Email? I am 60 and most consider me good looking fact some say handsome. (you can decide)

I am a sweet and sassy, classy, fun girl. Who's fluent in sarcasm and sexual innuendos. I enjoy dancing, long walks, hanging out and chatting about almost anything and everything. I love to travel and go on new adventures, and learn new things,and oh so much more! I'm up for an adventure, are you? Message me!

Life is good but too short. I like intelligent conversation and I'm looking for some flirtation that may go somewhere. Not looking to change my situation. Looking for low profile but thrilling connection. Someone to have fun and talk flirt and chat maybe more with if we have a spark. No drama just fun. Trying to find a little extra spark in life if you are too let me know and lets see where it takes us.

I am not a rocket scientist neither a world leader. Just a relaxed and humorous common man who wish to check the other part of life. Not too emotional but respects emotions and family values. Wish to chat with or meet someone with the same thoughts. Hope will hear from someone soon. Discreet and Privacy is the ultimate point of living the other side of life..

Some men get tired and lazy and forget to inject passion and effort into women. They forget that foreplay can start outside the bedroom. A lock of the eyes can lead to drinks at a bar which could lead to steamy, wild and exciting times...

I'm looking for a discrete companion who'd like to add just a little more spark to life. Looking for someone I could trust and just share a moment or two with from time to time. I like intelligent conversation and uninhibited fun.

In a relationship that has had no intimacy for a very long time. I need that as I have a high sex drive and I'm a passionate person. I hope to find somebody similar. If that could be you, don't be shy and get in touch.

I am a very easy-going person. I love lifting weights and pushing myself to the max. I am an avid reader and always have two books going at the same time. Intellect is a turn on but there has to be physical attraction.

I am married, i am stuck, i need any kind of joy. I need to laugh, i need someone to have lunch with that makes me smile, i need someone to work out with, i just need someone who can have a conversation & is not afraid to be around intelligence. I need PASSION!

Sometimes relationships lose their lust, and we simply need a new charge from someone who does not take us for granted.

I love lifting weights, reading good books, and having stimulating conversations. I'm always down to meet up over coffee or drinks. Looking to add some excitement in to my life and need some attention.

Professional guy looking for a fun lady in similar position. Not looking to rock any boats but would love to float one and get those butterfly moments of passion back again. Understand fully each other...

I would like to have someone to talk to and go out with. Mostly I am available during the day and usually not on weekends. I am a very passionate person but that only comes out when I feel it with you. I'm not looking to change my situation or yours. I just want to be paid attention to and pay attention to you too. I want to laugh and get that butterfly spark in my stomach because I'm excited to talk to you and see you. I love to kiss and touch and be intimate. If you are a hopeless romantic who is missing that spark in your relationship, then I hope we can re-ignite something together.

There is no way to deny it, I'm a man behaving badly and can't resist the company of women. I am charming, very fit and attractive. Currently in a relationship that I don't want to change but I crave someone to become an adventure with me. I don't like pretentious people and always open to a nice conversation. I'm looking for a lovely lady. Someone yearning for more. Open minded, lusty and wanting to be adored. I need to find you attractive. Its not simple for me to define attractive because there are so many possibilities. Many combinations of physical, ethnic and personality attributes excite me. Let's just see if there is chemistry then mutually satisfy our desires. I most enjoy doing something that required a little bit of planning and turned out way beyond my expectations. Enjoying the moment and when something more develops, go for it.

I am looking for something more in my life. I am perfectly fine with just having a female friend to chat with about anything. I lost touch with all my female friends from moving and settling down. My hobbies are motorcycles, firearms, and outdoor activities. I am looking for someone that's willing to start a friendship and seeing if it'll turn into more. My only criteria would be someone open to a no holds barred conversation as I like figuring out how people think and someone who is drama and bs free.

i enjoy reading, music and movies. I am looking for someone nice, kind, tinder, easy going, gentle , sweet. I am looking for someone to connect with, talk, share, hang out, have fun, enjoy.

A trusted sexy friend that enjoys the simple things like a hike in a beautiful park, unexpected kisses, just listening to each other at other times. You and I want the same thing :-)

Looking for partners who enjoys good food, good company and some well spent time together. I love good, intelligent open minded conversations. I am caring, compassionate and a good listener. I am also passionate for good enjoyable moments!!

I am a very happy go lucky type of person. I don't stress much and always look at the glass half full. I enjoy exercising but no gym junky, I don't smoke but I don't mind others smoking, I love traveling, dining out, music and the movies. I am very tolerant person and happy to mix and mingle with all ages. Though I don't smoke but I do enjoy a nice drink or two socially and a very happy drinker. If you like what you are reading don't hesitate to say hello. I am hoping to meet a calm, happy go lucky lady who knows how to enjoy life. It would be a bonus to find someone who I can develop a bond and connection with but without the hassles of being clingy and in each others pockets. However, since I am a romantic man a nice romantic lady would be very welcoming :-)

I am looking for someone who is funny, intelligent, and attractive. Someone who is not afraid to be loving and affectionate. I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, hiking, reading, water activities, movies and good conversation. I would like a long term relationship which would evolve into an intimate and amazing physical relationship.

I come off shy and quiet and will take awhile to warm up to you. I'm an open book, caring, and nurturing. Not looking to just sleep around or to move hastily. Looking for a long term relationship of sorts. Daily texting with a "Good Morning, how are you?" You should be willing and able to communicate your feelings and wishes, be caring, and honest.

I am seeking a long term mistress Seeking a long term friend and companion By reading my profile you should get a great idea as to who I am. If you are interested in learning more just say hi. im affectionate, intelligent, caring, kind, old-fashioned and chivalrous polite gentleman seeking....i am discreet and take my time in getting to know you....i have always been told i have a huge heart, will do basically anything for anyone, i am very accepting of others....i love to pamper women with kindness, compliments, physical and mental stimulation and will make you feel as you are the most important woman in the world, so take a chance, you will not be disappointed,.....I am humble and confident, not conceited, but I know how to treat women well, but cant just share that with only one.....daytime meets are best

I'm simple, quiet & reserved however that's not always what I want to be. Passion is what I am lacking & hoping to find it out there somewhere. I believe you can get to a point in your life you start to lose yourself and become so unhappy, you feel forgotten about and feel like you don't matter or you only exist in someone's world as an object. At some point you have to ask yourself are you happy or are you going to do something to change it?

I work hard and like to unwind and relax after hours. I am in a passionless relationship and hoping to find a kindred spirit to connect with, as it works for both. Not looking to break up anyone's lives...just hoping to find mutually beneficial intimacy. With that said, would like to find and focus on one person.

I'm in a relationship, which I do not want to leave. However, I would like to meet a like minded lady, preferably in similar circumstances. I'm fit, open minded, have a great sense of humor, a gentle demeanor but can be manic at times :)

Hi, I'm with partner who over the years seems more interested in gardening than having mind blowing intimate times. Would love to re kindle that fire and have very discreet time with someone like minded who wants to engage in the same.

About Me: Likes fishing, gives great jokes at a party and could win a Grammy for my shower vocals. About You: Eats adventurously, likes road trips, can talk for hours. About Us: Not much talking in the bedroom...

I am a true man, but I am not made of stone. I'm not trying to break Russel Brands record, I am simply looking for that passion that is lost in my current relationship. I'm fit, tall and told handsome. Lets escape our daily lives and give each other what we want and need. Lets feel amazing together x

Perfect health...great muscular gym 5 days a week. Athletic. Not into drugs or smoking... You...same like me..looking for the passion missing in your life. No drama queen and a lady. About us? Fill up the void created by our negligent partners :-(

Great time a head. Looking for someone can fill the hole in my life. I'm a people person funny, in good shape, I love to enjoy life. Good company fun time great drink an good sex :-) Life is to short... Carpe Diem.

Life can be full of adventure and excitement or we can get stuck in a monotony of every day. I want to find this kindred spirits that are willing to live life, explore and see all that life can present us with. I believe in up-most respect and patience!

Looking to meet someone who is looking for a NSA relationship. I am here to have fun and keep things on a exciting, non judgmental and enjoy the moment basis. I hope to find someone who is looking for similar. Would like to meet and see if we click. We can then take it from there. I am pretty down to earth, relaxed and easy going. I do not have any expectations. Send me a message if you would like to know more about me. I promise that I will answer and we can chat to see if we are compatible.

Hi and thank you for visiting my profile. I am a kind and gentle professional woman that is missing something passion in my life and marriage. I miss looking forward to seeing someone and that "can't wait" to talk to you feeling. I am looking for a strong man in and out of the bedroom. Is that you? if so please message me. I will share pictures after a connection has been established as this needs to be discreet. I am not looking to change your situation or mine. I look forward to chatting with you :-)

I am looking for someone to connect with, to get excited about talking to or seeing, and to allow me come back to life. Some of the best parts of me are buried away. I'm not looking to change your situation or mine, but I'm looking for someone who is in the same boat...someone to touch, someone to talk to, and someone who needs my help as much as I do theirs to navigate this incredibly difficult journey of relearning who we are.

A married guy, handsome, educated, professional and fun - looking for some passion in my life. Are you her? Let's meet then!

I am currently in a loveless marriage. I am looking for a spark and someone to have good conversation with, and make a connection with. I am not trying to change either of our situations, just trying to add some spice and excitement. I am not sure how far we could go, but I am definitely looking for a great kisser :-)

...the sublime. That electric thrill that just happens as we're about to meet or just receiving a new message. That special moment to share and bask in. That "click" that we all desire. Don't u desire those too?

Finding a woman who responds to my touch like it was our first time. Staring into your eyes with our first long kiss - searching and finding the same wanton desire in your soul.

I'm sure you know the internet is not such the place to be expressing ones feelings but I think we have to do it, keep talking and interacting to let it all play out. The best part of beginning a friendship/relationship is the journey of getting to know each other :-). You are great to talk to because you instill the faith that all men aren't bad, Still a work in progress anyway. Hope you had a great day both yesterday and today! Here's more other things I think I should share with you, I love steak. I love being in the sun and outdoors. I love looking at the stars. I love the feeling I get when somebody tells me how much they liked food and of course how much they like me. I would love to be optimistic the rest of my life. I love the feeling of flying. I love finding the right words for the moment. I love whispering into my confidants ear. I love the smell when someone walk into a blooming greenhouse. I love the smell of rain in the desert. I love how easy it is to type-out a sentence and you can erase it and drop it without a thought. I love going to bed early. I love workout every morning? I would love to find a partner that would be interested in getting a good start to the morning. I love just doing it and (lol, I see that now), not talking about but I also love being able to get another persons opinion before I take on my part. Smiles. I love the analogy that we are filling up a soap bubble with our very lives. Together we can put into it whatever we want, as fast as we want or as slow as we want. Together we can make bubbles as big as we want or as many. Even as one of us runs out of breath the other can be there to support the frame. That's why I think that the first words are the most important. These first words are the first impressions that you will make of me. What brought you on this dating site? Please be honest. Hope to hear from you soon...

A bit of a naturalist, like exploring nature, especially outdoors, active life style, sometimes a little extreme, don't mind trail blazing, frequently a non-conformist, liberal in many ways but often conservative, more of a giver than a taker, like making things better than they were before, enjoy helping others, like to smile and enjoy engaging conversations. We are all a work in progress and none of us is perfect. Accept it but work at getting better, one day at a time, and remember to smile.

I have brown hair, blue eyes, a witty personality and great! I'm looking for a classy, sexy articulate woman who's down to earth and looking for some adult fun.. ideally in a long term relationship. I'd like to put that spark, passion and spontaneity which has been missing from my marriage back into my life. I love engaging in intelligent and naughty conversation and hope that you do too. I have an insatiable appetite and am searching for that very special woman who truly enjoys exploring her sexual desires/ fantasies and knows how to treat her man. Honesty, trust and respect are all very important to me and I believe they are the cornerstone for any meaningful relationship. If anything I've said here interests you I'd love to hear from you.

I Love my Wife and family. I hate my sex life. I need something to break the frustration of monotony. I've always been an extremely sexual person and this would probably break this spell I'm in. I am not interested in an affair. I just have to get this out of my system before it takes over my life. If you are the same, let's talk and see if it will work for both of us.

Well educated, intellectual, experienced, passionate, sensual, fit, and youthful. Life is too short to not have fun, so I live it to the max.

First off, I am not looking for a "Prince Charming" , I already have one of those!! I'm just here looking around to see what I can get into. Get to know someone and see where things go. Be that as it may, chat, great conversations, and maybe even one day meeting up. Life is too short to not have your cake and eat it too.

I am looking for that passion you only get with someone new. That rush of anxiety and interest. The all consuming lust that comes with a new attraction. You should be looking to have fun, hang out, fool around, chat, message. I don't judge your situation and ask you do not judge mine. Looking to have some fun, explore our interests and just enjoy each other. Whether thats hooking up, hanging out, going out, staying in, or anything else you might want to do. I am down for anything once. If you want to know anything about me just ask. I am an open book. I like outdoors and indoors hang outs. I enjoy reading, movies, going outside to parks, hiking, all things sports related, most things nerd related.

About Me: Married, attractive, athletic male who is easy going, searching for passion. About You: Married, attractive, passionate, open minded and enjoys giving and receiving affection. About Us: Enjoys each others company.

I am a true man, but I am not made of stone. I'm not trying to break Wilt Chamberlain's record, I am simply looking for that passion that is lost in my current relationship. Lets escape our daily lives and give each other what we want and need. Lets feel amazing together.

Hey guys :) I am new to this scene so please bare with me! I am looking to reignite the spark in my life that has far too long been evaded. I am looking for a connection on all levels. Fun, laughs & friendship is what I seek. In order for the physical aspects to take over I need to have that special type of connection with someone. I am not looking for multiple men, just one sweet soul to help fill this void. Mutual respect is a must. Be classy, intelligent, funny, honest & kind. Discretion is very imperative to me. I am up for anything and everything outdoors! I love going on hikes, camping, biking, running, swimming, snowboarding, 4 wheeling, live music, working out, cooking, etc. I am a big hockey & football fanatic! Nothing beats unwinding with a good book and glass of wine.

Although we all know that life is too short to leave everything in the hands of fate, I believe that we need to act on this knowledge and make our own destiny. I'm interested in meeting a lady my age or over (50) for company and whatever naturally follows. I'm respectful and discreet and would love to get to know you.

Just need some extra excitement. How about you? Got a fantasy to share? Do you think it might be hot to meet a stranger in a public place and start flirting and see where it goes? Discreet only. One night stand or regularly every so often, you decide.

I'm looking for that passion that starts with a kiss and going from there. I want that chemistry, passion and sizzle that's molten hot and electric! I want to be friends first and get to know you through chat and then see where it goes, so be patient with me. I'm looking for someone who is funny, witty, intelligent, nice and carries themselves well! People tell me I'm charismatic, bubbly, hilarious, and the life of the party!

I'm a man looking for a lady that enjoys being treated right. Need some fun and happiness in my life again. Looking for a person that wants the same. And wants to rekindle what love use to feel like. Someone that is candid, truthful and willing to share their heart. Even for a brief moment. Want compassion again.

I am friendly, punctual, respectful, enjoys sports, meeting and talking to people, and seeking a NSA relationship. I am searching for a woman who is sure of herself, warm, enjoys sports, walking under the stars and amazed at the beauty, car rides to no where in particular, enjoys talking and can keep the conversation going even if I fall short and, a woman who demands to be treated with kindness and respect.

Look for a genuinely nice person. Yes attraction needs to be there, but I am seeking for someone who loves life, who loves adventure and always sees the upside in things. I no longer have time for negativity, or judgmental people. I'm looking for a true friend, where conversation comes easy and the little things are no big deal. If you are genuine and are looking for a discreet friend, than lets talk.

Yeah, looking for love in all the wrong places ... a hopeless romantic, older guy (55 is the new 35), passionate about life. Sporting events, outdoors, (Coloradan!), sense of humor - love music, long walks on the beach, travel a ton too - looking for a partner in crime ... travel mate, that romantic liaison, lets take the risk -

Hi ladies. I am a nice, mature, fun male, no drugs or std's. I love people, music, and life. My life fits the Bryan Adams song "run to you" and like Hiner seak my "lips of an angel." Looking for a lady who is romantic, sexual, smart, hopefully sarcastic, who has need so share a secret life like me to get what real life isn't offering but can't/doesn't want to get out of. Not looking to change my married status, just sick of being neglected and taken for granted. Let's get lost in sensual passion together and be each other's temporary escape from reality.

Looking to put a spark back in my life. Need someone who wants and desires the same. Once we find each other, want to stay connected both mentally and physically. I am real, very passionate, social and love to have a good time. Let's see if we are compatible. Take pride in my appearance and dress well. I'm very passionate and full of life. I'm very social, but also enjoy curling up to watch a movie with someone special. I will stimulate you mentally and capture you physically if we both desire. If you would like to contact me, send me your email address.

I am attractive and in shape, and prefer a man who also takes care of himself and is attractive. I'm looking for that genuine chemistry, connection and passion with someone in the same situation who has the same needs I have, yet fully understands the reality of a relationship with a married woman. I do not wish to spend weeks on end chatting, nor do I seek a platonic relationship. Meeting face to face is important.

Life seem tasteless without a bit of passion. What I'm looking for is someone who I can feel attracted to. I want to look at your lips when you smile and want nothing else but to kiss you. I am in a decent shape and I workout regularly. Not attracted to young girls - 45 at least - no upper limits. While the physical shape is important, I would expect to have interesting conversations as well. Safety is paramount - nothing will ever happen without being absolutely sure we're both safe.

Looking for that heated affair you always dream about. That special someone out there you wonder about that is looking for you. Paths cross and it's a feeling like no other. Romance and passion with an exciting respectful risk that makes your heart beat like no other. The excitement makes you feel alive again thinking about that special someone through the day wondering when can I meet them again even If its just for quick passionate kiss on the side of the road. If this interests you and your that person looking lets meet for coffee or something and see if that spark ignites. I'm interested in Dinners. Drinks Walks and see where it goes. If it happens the rest will all fall into place. I'm looking for one special person to focus on. Key word ONE. I'm not the guy that's just filling as many desires he can. Looking forward to meeting you if your put there.

I would like to meet someone who wants and desires the same. I like a connection... Once we find each other, I want to stay connected both mentally and physically. I am real, very passionate, social and love to have a good time. Let's see if we are compatible. I take pride in my appearance and dress well. I will stimulate you mentally and capture you physically if we both desire.

Hello to you there, please read through my profile to see if i match your search before messaging me. I do not want a new spouse but a FWB thing. I recently just retired from a rewarding academic career and presently establishing several new businesses in the Cosmetic and Jewelry Industry. This gives me flexibility with time and I can meet with proper planning. I am hoping to meet a decent gentleman who knows how to treat a lady and understands that her sexiness lies in her mind and is curious enough to explore that... Perhaps meetings over coffee, tea or a glass of wine in an environment comfortable for conversation and privacy to elaborate on what we could do to and with each other before we actually get the chance to is a good start.

I'm open to whatever you can think of: discreet, passion, respect, and a little naughty on the side. Turn on: trustworthy, kind, feminine and take care of herself. I'm looking for: first of all, I'm married and not looking to change my situation. Just a normal guy that go with the flow and try to live a life with no regret. I do miss the feeling of interact with another woman, I guess I'm still young at heart

About me: Small, blonde, very fit (personal trainer), fun-loving, wife, mom, very very busy but needs fun and to get out once in a while. Love to drink probably a little too much when I do get out. Love music, dancing, and anything active. Love attention and like to flirt...and like to be spontaneous with the right person! About you: Discreet! Discreet! Discreet! Your not looking for love, only a fun night out with a pretty lady. You can converse a little without being boring. You don't have to be super fit, but at least not overweight. You are into "doing" things and not just endless talking. That puts me to sleep! You can treat me like a lady and show me a good time, and you have the means to do so. About us: I will not fall in love with you. That is the last thing I want and I am too busy for that anyway. Please don't fall in love with me. I have had affairs but this is the first time I am trying a site in the hopes of finding something discreet and casual where the guy doesn't try to become a part of my life in the process. I just really want and need some discreet fun in my life without worrying about it becoming an issue in my marriage. I'd love to get out even just once or twice a month and have a little fun with some decently attractive man, and that is all you could really expect from me. Being that I am so super busy and opportunities to get out are limited, I'm not sure this is worth it, but decided to give it a try and see. Cheers!

Looking for someone who can ignite the spark that has gone out of my marriage. If you desire a man who has experience and knows how to use it, then don't be shy. We can make beautiful music in a discrete relationship that will satisfy our hearts desire

I have my love, I miss the lust; feeling sensually neglected and lustfully hungry. Looking to have a discreet affair. I'm not looking to change your situation or mine. Pictures, pictures, pictures... I'm most like a mesh in between the first two body types in my profile photo. But yeah, I know I don't have any, and you likely won't chat unless I do; I get it. Unfortunately, there is no image of me that isn't easily identifiable by people close to me, even faded with masquerade masks. That doesn't mean I'm fake or unattractive, only that I'm less likely for visualists to read on; they're loss - your gain? If you're really adventurous and willing to take a chance regardless, the blindfold type ;) then you have the type of imagination I'm seeking anyway! That said, I don't mind getting to a location first and allowing you an opportunity to walk in and see me before you sit down; or to sit in front of a window that you can easily drive by; or you write the rules the way you like, I'm willing to participate. If not, I get it; not all are willing to read a romance novel without a cover picture either. But that doesn't mean the story isn't tantalizing... your choice. My perfect fantasy is to create an intimate story together, ahead of time, before we meet. On the phone and/or in text. Lasting days, weeks, or months. Something we both contribute to; an intense sexual fantasy. Then, we recreate it irl. Later on, maybe we do it again someday when our hunger replenishes, or under a different narrative, or maybe the memory is just something we carry forever to only ever experience again in our thoughts and dreams... If you don't fall asleep thinking about the possibilities, I'm not your man.

I'm a married man not wanting to change my status or yours. Looking for a great match (fit, successful, professional woman who enjoys being pleasured) to spice up my life. I'm a smart, successful businessman who is very passionate and adventurous and have many talents and interests. I'm drama-free, tattoo-free and body piercing-free and in excellent physical shape (tall/athletic). I'm looking for someone who is available during the week and knows how to love and give with great intensity as I also love to give pleasure with great passion and intensity.

Looking for chat. Looking for short term. Looking for long term. Open to just about anything. I need some excitement, a thrill and mystery of a new relationship.

Married but after 30 years this seems to be the only way to stay sane in the relationship. You are not looking to change your status.. are open.. friendly.. flirty.. not in a rush. You love kissing and being made to feel you are the best.

Not much to write yet. Briefly, I am looking for a gal who "gets it", who loves to have fun, very open minded, can banter with the best of 'em and who is an old soul. No drama..this is supposed to be fun but don't mistake fun for frivolous. Married and staying that way you should be as well. Do not want, nor am I hoping for a "Barbie", as I am not Ken. Cannot post a pic for obvious reasons but will send one once we chat a little to see if there is a spark (Attraction begins with the mind)

Lets be adventurous, passionate and intentional! We can start slow, meet for coffee or drinks, or jump right into it! I am respectful, discreet and attentive. I will engage the whole you. I promise not to waste your time. You will be my focus when we are together, I will not be distracted or on my phone. I cannot wait to meet you!

I'm a fit, educated professional looking to share lost passion and intimacy with a similarly situated woman wanting to once again experience the excitement of discovery, the intimacy in a relationship, the intensity of sexual passion in a non-possessive friendship discreetly and then return home. I'm as comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt as a suit. I have eclectic interests and usually enjoy whatever my partner enjoys. It can be sitting on a hillside with a glass of wine watching the sunset, cuddling in front of the TV, eating sushi or grilling a steak, sharing an intense, passionate sexual experience.... not looking to play the field, would prefer to find a good friend to discreetly share our own private world.

After being married for quite some time, finding that I am quite lonely, as my wife and I are better friends / room mates than we are partners. So...looking to chat at this point, possibly more as time goes on. Feel free to say hi!!

I'm an easygoing half Italian half Latino, looking for a woman who needs some passion and excitement in her life. Extremely discreet and squeaky clean as well. Would like an ongoing situation with a woman who enjoys sex and is openminded. I'm self employed, so I can be very flexible as far meeting up. If you are interested I have pics, lets see what develops. I do long distance biking, design jewelry, and design home interiors as my business. Would love to connect with one special woman who is lacking hugs and lots of kissing lol

I am Persian American and looking for some outside romance. I want to be discreet and look for quality partner that I can trust and spend some nice time. I am passionate, play guitar and wine and culinary connoisseur and athletic with Salt and pepper hair.

About me - seeking well, passion. Excitement. But with an honest to goodness, actual friend. Does such a unicorn exist in this world? About you - you win the most points with sincerity. Be yourself, and never apologize for it. I'm the kind of guy who will find all kinds of things awesome about you. Let me do it. :-) About us - communication and taking the time to understand each other. A quick roll in the hay? Can be hot, but rarely fulfilling. A best friend who shares a secret with me, and gets as much from the relationship as I do? Now we're getting somewhere. Let's have an adventure.

Fun loving, easy going. Love long drives on open roads. I have lived in NYC (home), Asia and Europe. Well traveled, well educated (or so I would like to think), Love music recordings & live, movies, engaging conversation and all things where nothing needs to be said but only done..looking for sinful partners :) Dry sense of humor, witty, chivalrous, love to laugh (including at myself) and play; I am an old school type with an open mind, but old school values nonetheless . ESTP-A. 5'9". Adrenaline junkie. Love outdoors & dressing up for lounge, dinner, theater, jazz performance and dancing alike. Generally well dressed semi-casual. (not doing too much clubbing recently... open to it if it tickles your fancy..) not much for complicating lives.. and inhibitions gets in the way of happiness Life is short.. [you fill in the rest..] Ciao

I want to remember the feeling that rushed through me when I encountered a new relationship. I enjoy hiking out in the mountains or just a lazy day on the couch. I like to smoke and drink occasionally with the right people. I'm looking for a easy going fun girl or couple to have fling with. I am married but looking for a good time.

Hi ladies. I am a nice, mature, fun male, no drugs or std's. I love people, music, and life. My life fits the Bryan Adams song "run to you" and like Hiner seak my "lips of an angel." Looking for a lady who is romantic, sexual, smart, hopefully sarcastic, who has need so share a secret life like me to get what real life isn't offering but can't/doesn't want to get out of. Not looking to change my married status, just sick of being neglected and taken for granted. Let's get lost in sensual passion together and be each other's temporary escape from reality.

Thru the eyes you can see into one's soul. I am passionate, romantic, but with my head screwed on right. Looking for someone missing that same intimacy in their life, but cannot make a change. We would both like to chat, and on occasion get together for some us time.

Looking for an energetic attractive woman who with a strong appetite for passion - maybe she's not getting what she wants or needs at home, maybe she's curious or bored, maybe she is independent and just needs to be pampered and have her needs fulfilled. No photo for me because I have to be super discreet - I am attractive, healthy, disease and drug free. I love to have a few drink now and then but I don't use tobacco in any form. I'm highly educated - but I'm not a bore. My interests, outside of fulfilling your needs of course, include exercise, gardening, art, sports, architecture, and the beach. I work at a place which is quiet and there is opportunity to hang out here, particularly on the weekends. Looking forward to hearing and meeting you....and whatever comes thereafter...

"I know you are married and your husband and family come first, as it should be". I will not change my situation and do not expect you to change yours either. I respect your situation and expect you to respect mine. We will make time for each other. And when we are together we will make every moment count. We both need to get what we are missing at home, both in and out of the bedroom. Be real and be yourself. I am here to meet a special woman who I can make smile, laugh, feel special and desired. When I am with you I will give you my undivided attention.

I'm looking to fill the gap that so many of us feel in our marriage. Let's provide each other with what we need. Would like to get to know a person on an on-going basis. Best of luck in your search!

Hey there...full of energy, love, inspiration and touch.... and I want to share it all with you! Can you keep up with me? I challenge you to challenge me....go ahead I dare you...

Classy fun loving man who love my mate. Like to find a chat mate or person to talk with. Great shoulder to lean on with No commitments or worries, clean fun time. Love classy lady who knows what she wants. I like to go to fine stores and malls, I love browsing. I grew up the big city, and love the country. I am a fired passionate man who just like to add some cool company.

I would rather be focused on you. I am most happy when I make you smile, laugh and filled with passion. I want to enjoy time with you. A good hug, a deep kiss or just great conversation. And where ever that leads ...if anywhere. I will listen.

The first observance of International Women's Day was in February 1913 in Russia. It continued in 1914 when women expressed international solidarity at time of World War I. In 1917, women in Russia organized a strike, a key beginning of events resulting in the czar being toppled. For many years this holiday was popular in Eastern Europe, and then gradually, it became more of an international celebration. In 1977, the United Nations officially named this day as International Women's Day, a day "to reflect on progress made, to call for change and to celebrate acts of courage and determination by ordinary women who have played an extraordinary role in the history of women's rights." In 2013, the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day resulted in many celebrations around the world, and more than usual attention to International Women's Day. In 2017 in the United States, many women celebrated International Women's Day by taking the day off, as a "Day Without Women." "Well behaved women rarely make history."

We chase, we all do. We all chase that feeling we all once had. The butterflies in the stomach. The excitement of waking up and hope that person will contact you soon. The goose bumps when that person whispers in your ear. The smell. The touch. We all are still chasing. Come feel all that with me. Looking forward to it...

I need attention more often... she doesn't seem to need it at all... do you? I'm into trying new things... she's not... are you? I'm not some weirdo... I'm just a pretty normal kind of guy that has wants and needs that are not even close to being met... maybe there's someone out there who understands?

Lets be adventurous, passionate and intentional! We can spend hours together exploring each other. I cannot wait to meet you!

There is not enough room to tell you all that I am missing or what I am looking for - it is entirely fluid and can change depending on how we interact with each other. I can tell you that I miss that electric feeling, butterflies, and physical chemistry that is part of a great relationship. I have to believe (and I remember when) life and a relationship was exciting and celebrated by both myself and my partner. Let's rekindle that together and see where this takes us.

Valentine's Day, full names are known as Saint Valentine's Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine Day is celebrated on February 14 annually. Valentine Day was established in 500 A.D. by Pope Gelasius, and originally, this Holiday was a Western Christian feast day that was honoring saints named Valentinus. The first known official celebration of Saint Valentine Day was in Paris, France, in 1400. In 18th-century England, it progressed into an occasion in which lovers expressed their love for each other by offering confectionery, presenting flowers, and sending greeting cards known as valentines. Since then, original handwritten valentines have become printed greeting cards. For Valentine's Day In 1868, the British chocolate company Cadbury produced a box of chocolates shaped as a heart. These decorated fancy boxes quickly became associated with the holiday. While this tradition of sending cards, flowers, chocolates and other gifts originated in the United Kingdom, it has become widely popular and traditional all over the world. In Europe today, Saint Valentine's Keys are given to lovers as a romantic symbol and an invitation to unlock the giver heart. In 1834, the first American Valentine was produced by New York engraver Robert Elton, and the first mass-produced Valentines of embossed paper lace were produced and sold shortly after 1847 by Esther Howland of Worcester, Massachusetts. In the second half of the 20th century, the practice of exchanging cards was extended to all manner of gifts including giving jewelry. Even though Valentine's Day is not a public holiday, it is a celebration of romance and romantic love in many countries in the world.

Well, I normally would save the speech about how great someone is for, well for someone else but alas here I am. The truth is, life has gotten a bit repetitive and dull to truly appreciate the time we have that requires occasionally mixing in new sensation, if for only a temporary amount of time. I want to accomplish a revitalization if you will, and hopefully find someone to share a brief but fulfilling moment of my newest chapter in this currently unfinished book.

You did not frighten me off when you bared your soul. As a matter of fact, good for you to seek out the attention you need. To answer your question, yes I have had an affair. No, I do not feel guilty. How can you cheat on someone who has not touched you in 20 years? So, I cannot and will not judge you.

2019 is rocking. Is it time to finally fulfill your promise to make changes? Is this the year to rejuvenate your life? You are here because you have been secretly thinking about it. But it is not easy to find the right person as you have to keep it discreet, and make sure that nobody would get hurt at the end. In today world, websites are the best and easiest way to stay discreet, keep things confidential, and be able to leave this virtual world right away if you decide to do so. If you have been thinking about extramarital relationships, maybe New Year is your time to put technology to the test and find this special person that will bring spark and passion back to your life. Make 2019 your special year! Facebook

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Husbands efforts in providing her with a good lifestyle and satisfy her needs of leisure can be appreciable but those can be completely worthless, if she has no one to share that time with.

Though, sexual gratification is not always the prime reason for the affairs, thus it is unfair to lump all the affairs into this specific realm. However, sex can play a major role in such outside relationships.

Beauty is idolized in society and is a paramount in such affairs. Attraction amongst men and women can breed a new relationship and distract one's mind from the spouse.

A women is always in search of the person who could listen to her, talk to her and share her feelings. If the spouse do not gives her time and love, she will feel distracted and ignored and the same could happen with a man, which could lead to emotional attachment with someone else.

As the relationship grows old, a partner can lose interest in his or her person. This will leave no space for excitement and adventure amongst the couple. Both may direct a conversation to a conflict rather than trying to make it healthy and respectful. They may end up seeking a new partner for love and affection.

Regardless of the reasons, partners must initially seek for joint counseling before considering dating for married people as these affairs can take a toll over everyone involved. Even a human is an animal seeking for love and respect and it is natural to incline from where these needs are gratified. One can easily find dating site for married people over the internet where your identity and secret information will not be revealed but legitimate details and profile will be shared.