Urgent Anti-Scam Notice!

Any messages originating from Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, India, Pakistan, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, or other foreign countries, asking anyone to wire money, set up an online escrow account or provide an "escrow service", as well as anyone asking for cashier's checks, money orders, personal checks are most definitely involved in some sort of scam and should be ignored by all of our members and guests. If this happens, stop all communication, report the incident and find someone else to talk to so that you are not taken advantage of during a vulnerable time.

Please do not become wooed by false promises and requests for money from people you have just met. Be on high alert because their scams can be quite clever and seem very convincing!! They can even create elaborate illusions to make you think things are real that are really not. So, remember, no matter how real their story might seem, trust us when we tell you that it isn't.

Be especially skeptical when they start by sending beautiful women, young girls or handsome men as their picture. These types of photos are almost certainly not real and used to lure people into believing anything. Most often, we find that these are not pictures of these type of people, at all. They are simply photos of models and other good looking people copied from the Internet. The usual rule of thumb is, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!!! Protect yourself and don't fall for these schemes and scams.

For your information, here is a short list of some common scams that have been perpetrated on unsuspecting people that may be a little vulnerable simply because they are looking for someone else in their lives:


We all like a little eye-candy, right? So, when we are contacted by an attractive person it can be very flattering. I mean, let,s face it, we are all here because we want to meet someone and on some level, we all want a good-looking person to be with. So, it's easy to allow yourself to be conned when someone attractive expresses an interest and then tells you about a problem they need help with. Don't be taken advantage of because someone looks good and you feel a need to help them. If you do, they will probably keep coming back, keep telling you the things you want to hear, just to access your money.


Obviously, our intentions are to meet someone … and who ever said Mr. or Ms. Right is "Ms. Right around the Corner". Usually we find people that may not be in right in our own back yard. So, it's a tough temptation when people ask for money so they can come and visit, especially if we are interested and have the resources to make it possible. If this is the case, the best way for you to protect yourself is turn the tables. Tell them you would rather visit them. This way you don't have to give them money but will still accomplish the goal. If he or she is real and genuinely interested, they will be there. If they are scammers, they won't be.


People have been known to call you on the phone or email you telling you have won a large sum of money. They may claim you have won a lottery or you have an inheritance from a long lost relative. It usually requires you to pay a tax, customs fees/taxes, a transfer fee or some other type of payment to facilitate the transaction to you. They will sometimes try to cover up the fact that they are looking for your bank account or credit card information by asking some other harmless questions, first. BE AWARE and don't fall for it. The very second someone asks for your financial information, stop all communications and report it immediately!


Scammers are really quite clever and can set up elaborate scams on other people by using you or your bank account. Anyone asking for your financial information has no good intentions and should be reported immediately. For example, if someone says, "My brother is trying to send me money to help me out of a situation, but I don't have a bank account. If you let me use your account, I will give your some of the money when I get it." THIS IS A SCAM! Again, all they want is your bank account number so they can clean you out!


Doing a video chat with someone you have met over the internet is the obvious next step for any person after they have exchanged a few messages. Scammers love using Webcams as a blackmail tool. They will use it to strengthen the relationship, telling the victim how beautiful or handsome she/he is. They often convince the victim to perform sexually on webcam too. The victim believes he/she is sharing an intimate moment with the love of their life. The scammer then creates pictures from the video. By this time they also know where the victim works and information about the family. They threaten to send all of the pictures to one of these people unless they are paid off. If all else fails, they threaten to sell the video or photos to a porn site for others to watch.


You take every precaution but still become the victim of a scam. You then decide to take charge of the situation and even manage to catch the scammer. But when the scammer is caught by the victim and admits the crime, the next thing they do is swear they have fallen in love with the victim. Some people walk away but others do believe what they are told. The victims who believe and stay are drawn into a different scam which turns out to be a whole lot more dangerous. The scammer continues the work to solidify their victim's love and trust. After that the scammer will draw them in further ending up actually using the victim to scam other people.


People have been known to obtain, create and even print phony, forged or stolen checks to people asking them to cash them in exchange for some of the money. If you take the check to your bank and deposit it; then withdraw the money thinking this is a real deposit, YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY, even if the bank gives you instant credit for the check being good! How it works is: Your bank will need time to process the check that was deposited. Once they process the check they will find out it was a phony, forged or stolen check and then have no choice but to take the money back from you. After your money is gone your bank will inform you that the check was bad and will take the money out of your account. So you lose all the money you sent them.)

Keep in mind that THIS IS A VERY, VERY SHORT LIST OF ALL KNOWN SCAMS. As much as we'd like to list them all, there are simply too many to list! These are just a few of the most common scams perpetrated on people that might be vulnerable because they want someone new in their life.

Again, they can be very convincing and seem like they are logical or reasonable. THEY USUALLY ARE NOT! THEY ARE TYPICAL SCAMS PERPETRATED ON VULNERABLE PEOPLE and you should do your very best to protect yourself from financial losses by never sharing your personal and private information, especially where your money is concerned.

Please report all such contacts, requests and outright scams to our Customer Service at with details of any inappropriate contacts or requests.

I promise I won't give personal or financial information to strangers and hold completely harmless, if I do. Please, don't show warning again, as I understand that I am responsible for myself and my money!