Truth is good, but happiness is better!

11-03-18 21:10

Complacency is the killer of intimacy. Without both parties investing the time and effort it takes to keep a marriage going strong, it gets stale and begins to suffocate the partners with problems that they never knew existed.

Extra martial affairs provide those who are bored, lonely or otherwise dissatisfied in their long term relations with the excitement they crave. These new connections provide the participant with the one (or two things) that they aren’t getting in their current partnership. And, while they have no plans of leaving their current situation, these new diversions are often just what they need to feel alive again. However, for most, starting an extra marital affair is not easy. Approaching someone and suggesting a fling is hard at best and experts say that even under the best of circumstances, those who engage in such activity are destined to be caught. This is because while starting an affair is difficult, breaking one off can be even tougher. That is why there is Find New Passion. ExtraMaritalAffairs.Kinja