Sexual Relationships and Social Acceptance

03-17-11 18:02

According to a study, about 20% of married couples have not had sex with their spouse in six months to one year making many marriages sexless. Main reason behind this problem is lost of passion, drop of excitement and missing feeling of anticipation.

Historically, sex outside of marriage in any shape or form has been unacceptable and even punishable by society for centuries. Sexual intercourse happening before marriage, giving birth to children born outside of marriage, or having extra-marital relationships could result in serious legal consequences or social circumstances. In a twenty first century, moral standards of civilized culture toward connection between sex and marriage have been totally transformed. Sex before marriage is completely accepted by society making it almost a norm of social behavior. We cannot even imagine abstinence or virginity to be legal or social prerequisite for marriage. Getting married is not a requirement for having children anymore, and children born outside of marriage do not suffer any legal disadvantages or social stigma. According to the US National Center for Health Statistics, in 1992 more than 30 percent of births were to unmarried women, by 2006 that number had risen to almost 40 percent and continue growing rapidly. Also, the progress of modern medicine with ability to perform artificial insemination made sexual intercourse unnecessary from conception point of view. The only aspect of sexual relationships that has not changed from ancient civilization is extra-marital affairs or adultery. In a modern world, even not being punishable by law or considered criminal offense, extra-marital affairs are measured as unacceptable from morality point of view and social standards. To compare to Europe where social acceptance of extra-marital relationships has been recognized almost as a norm of human behavior, American society has been pretending that puritan dogmas have not changed since the era of pilgrims. How society does identify extra-marital affairs or adultery? It is a relationship outside of marriage when a married person has sexual relations with someone other than their spouse. These types of relationships can extend from one-night stay to many years of monogamous associations. Very often having extramarital affair becomes a style of life where two people outside of marriage stay monogomous to each other for years. Global Sex Survey uncovered that more than 50% of men and up to 40% of women have had extra-marital affairs through the course of their married life. Even though these numbers seem high, they do not reflect real picture because majority of married people would not acknowledge or disclose the fact of being involved in extra marital relationships even with the promise to stay anonymous.