50 Shades of Lie

10-29-15 15:16

Can you say that you have never lied? Do you believe that honesty is the best policy no matter what?

He lied to me! How could he do it? Are we always truthful to feel that we have rights to judge other people? Should you be truthful no matter what the circumstances are or is it OK to lie sometimes because it depends on reason for lie? How many times have you heard people saying, Well, everybody does it. When it comes to lies, white ones or otherwise, the truth is everyone does do it. Of course, there are people who lie as a means to hurt or offend another person, and yes, there are people who have done that to some extent. But, what about lies that just seem to be part of everyday life? A little white lie is usually a good thing. It is typically done to protect a loved one's feelings or to save ourselves from certain embarrassment and ridicule. In the framework of a committed relationship, white lies are used as a means to avoid conflict and preserve the unity. As someone moves on with their lives, they learn that lying serves another purpose. It allows them to make changes in their lives without exposure to hard feelings or disruption. Extramarital affairs are a great example. We live in 21st century where relationships have evolved into holding places in our lives. That doesn't mean people are unable to fulfill commitments. It means that the way they feel about commitments is different. An extramarital affair is usually an expression of discontent, boredom or a desire to explore parts of oneself that they feel unable to explore within the confines of their marriage. As many people know, it's harder to renew yourself as you get older. If you are married to someone who just can't or won't change, an affair is sometimes a better way to renew yourself without disrupting years of marriage when some love may still exists. We all have a responsibility to ourselves first and foremost. We lie in many ways to many people to protect ourselves, advance ourselves and shelter our loved ones from certain realities they may not be ready to face. You don't have to live a life without passion. The passion and intimacy you need are out there. It is just a matter of finding it.