4 Common Dating Mistakes MEN Make

10-29-15 13:41

In the previous blog post we discussed about the mess ups that women generally make while dating. In this post we will discuss dating mistakes that men.

It is considered that when it comes to dating men are more prone to making mistakes. The reasons why they make these errors are varied and different from women. Hence, advice that men should consider is very different than advice for women. Without further ado we list the 4 common dating mistakes that men make and ways to avoid them. Authenticity & Accuracy. Sure, you want to portray yourself as the best possible candidate. But in doing so do not fake anything. Men generally feel that they would get away with a little bit of falseness. The truth is somewhere down the line you will definitely get caught. And that is worse. So be authentic. Fill your profile accurately and behave genuinely at dates. Impatience. Men tend to be desperate right from the word go. They try to move things along too quickly. Being adults it is very important for men to show some dignity by not being too eager. You want fun. She wants fun too. But there is no way to force the issue. Do realize that you cannot ever control anyone else's actions or behaviour. Be patient and put your best foot forward. Physical Contact. The days of your young, new dating life are well and truly over. You are an adult now. The standards and limits of physical contact are different from what they were in your early adulthood. On top of that you are dating a married woman. Considering all these things it is advised to exercise caution. Don't be eager to go in for a kiss at the end when the woman just is not ready. See if she is getting intimate. Take cues from her body language. Rudeness & Ego. It is quite baffling to see so many men showing off their arrogance. They think that makes them look macho, manly, strong, etc. However, more often than not, women take that as a sign of rudeness and lack of dignity. Also, having an ego is a big turn off. No one likes to be with someone with an inflated sense of self. So do not portray yourself as haughty. If you not then you should definitely not do it. Be natural. We hope you do not commit these mistakes. Good Luck.