Flirting Tips For Mature Daters Part 2

10-29-15 13:58

In the first part we discussed about the ways how women can woo men. In this second part we will discuss how men can attract women.

Being able to flirt with a woman definitely is not a skill that every man is born with. It is considered hardship by many mature dating men. Even men that have been really good at flirting with women in their heydays have to work at it. This is because they lack the finesse and flamboyance that is required. After marriage men generally do not get opportunities to practise their trade of flirting. Thus, they need to do some warming up and get back their confidence before setting out for the journey - 1) Firstly, and most importantly, compliment her. Women love being praised. Keep your compliments respectful. Tell her that she has a great sense of humour, lush hair or sparkling eyes et al. Make her feel like the most special woman in the world. 2) With women, flirting is usually ineffective unless a man is properly groomed and looks well put together and tidy. Make sure that your hair is clean and combed, you have trimmed your beard and smell good. Women give equal weight to how they look as well how others look. So pay attention to your appearance. 3) Make the most of body language. Your body sends out messages you may not even consciously know and even minor adjustments can change how women perceive you. Exude self-confidence. Men with aura of self-confidence and self-esteem magnetize women. Walk with straight posture, maintain a relaxed and comfortable body stance and smile a lot. Make sure that it is genuine, as women can spot pretence easily. So beware. 4) Most women want men to make the first move. As a result, speak with confidence and flow. If you are not confident initially fake it. With every passing minute it will come more naturally. One important aspect of your communication is listening. Listen well and respond. Also, avoid interrupting her, because no one appreciates this, and doing so will kill your chances at making a good impression. Make sure the conversation does not ever veer towards an argument. Talk your way through to her heart. 5) Women love to be in a company which makes them feel at ease. One way to do that is to make her laugh. Being humorous could be your best weapons to impress her. In this manner, she remains interested in you as you have cultivated a higher status personality. By introducing humour, you can also tease her that readies you to make the next move. 6) Get close. Find an excuse to move in close. Hold it for a brief moment then back away again. Closeness suggests intimacy. An apparent accidental touch is acceptable. She will not mind. Look for the cues whether she liked it. If yes do it again whenever it is appropriate.