Flirting Tips For Mature Daters Part 1

10-29-15 13:59

Regardless of your age, it is never too late to flirt.

Flirting remains an easy and meaningful way to spark the interest of someone you have just met. But experts believe that flirting is actually a talent. Some people flirt effortlessly and without even knowing it, others shiver at the very thought of flirting. Some are born with it while some learn it. We do not disagree with that. In fact, we believe that flirting is both an art (execution) and science (strategy). In this first part we will discuss about the ways how women can woo men. 1) First and foremost, grab his attention. Glance and smile at the man who you think is handsome. Let him know you are showing interest. Your eyes should meet with his eyes. Ask him to help with directions, tell you the time, carry something for you et al. Be courteous and smile. Comment on his attire, hair, car, and muscles. Men like it when women notice them. 2) If you are talking to a guy you have just met, show interest, but do not flatter him too much. Do not show all your cards in the first attempt. You are good enough for him. Be more desirable in his eyes and it will keep him interested. 3) An effective way to show a man that you might be interested in getting to know him is with a touch. It is the subtle art of drawing a person closer to you with your touch. Sometimes, a gentle, lingering touch can send sexual signals. 4) Cheesy lines do not work. You are old enough to not try to entice someone with such pick-up lines. The outcome may be a disaster. 5) Not only women but even men love to receive compliments. Complimenting someone seriously implies an immediate attraction. Things like Your shirt suits you, goes well with your trousers, That was not a joke. That was a laughter bomb can really seize the mental space of the man you are flirting with. 6) Show self- confidence. Use body language. It says a lot about you and men can read this pretty easily. Avoid sitting with your arms closed. Keep them open. It indicates an invitation. So women go out there and attract that man who has got you interested. In part two we will discuss about ways how men can attract women.