What After The First Date?

06-26-12 16:08

Three things can happen after your first date.

Either the two of you start liking each other so much that you decide to take the relationship forward right away or the both of you do not feel positive about it and decide to put an end or you are both unsure of what to make of it. In that case, it is worth going backwards rethink the whole experience and analyse it. This is all part of the process for every dating person, be it single or married. So what, essentially, should you do after your first date when after assessing that you feel it is worth taking it forward First and foremost, married daters need not bother about who calls first and whether that would be deemed as a sign of desperation. It is all rubbish. In fact, if your date feels it that way then you know the whole thing is not worth pursuing. So when you have decided to go ahead and find out more about each other the only option and a natural one is to make a call or text to your date expressing your interest to meet up again. If your date feels the same and shows similar enthusiasm you are on the right track. The next step would be to meet again. After your first date both of you know each other likes and preferences pretty well. So to decide where to meet or rather what kind of experience you both would like to have becomes easier. It is advisable to have a distinct experience from the previous occasion. For example, if you had chosen a calmer setting of a restaurant for the first date you can choose a completely different one based on your likings. But do it only if you are both comfortable about the idea. Good luck and we hope you are lucky the second time.