8 Signs That Your Date Likes You

10-29-15 14:48

Love at first date is generally not the norm.

It is unlikely that you will go gaga over each other in your very first meeting. If it does happen, congratulations. You are lucky. But the others who do not quite gauge how their date is going, whether their date is enjoying it or not can know by observing the verbal and nonverbal cues. We have tried to highlight some of them below. Verbal Cues. When your date, finds the current conversation interesting and does not seem keen to change the topic. Suggests extending the date. Unwittingly talks about doing something the next time. Expresses eager intention to meet again soon In case of women when your date offers to drop you home. Non Verbal Cues. Other than the verbal cues which can be misleading at times the non verbal ones can be relied upon more with studies showing that 55 percents of our communication is nonverbal. The body language of your date is a significant indicator of where your date is going. We discuss that below in brief. Eye Contact. If your date eyes stray during the conversation he or she is bored. If there is prolonged eye contact not to worry everything is going fine. Also, a person eyes dilate when he or she sees something he or she finds attractive. This could be a great way to determine if your date is into you. Posture. Generally, a relaxed posture is a sign of being comfortable. If your date keeps himself or herself close to you there is a chance that there is nothing to worry about as yet. Physical Contact. Generally, people do not touch other people they are not interested in. So if your date has made any physical contact it is an encouraging sign. A touch on your arm, brushing your legs, flicking your hand while walking are an indication of genuine interest. Other signs, in case of women, like biting the lips, running the tongue over the lips and playing with the hair are clear indicators of interest or attraction. In case of men, they generally run their hand through their hair, breathe in and push the shoulders back to show interest. You also want to be careful not to psych yourself out just because you noticed some negative body language. Levels of comfort fluctuate frequently on dates as it is a nervous affair for most. But, nevertheless, look for such cues, analyse them and then judge.