06-09-12 19:42

Find your very own FOUNTAIN of YOUTH!

Besse Cooper, World Oldest Woman in Georgia celebrates 115th Birthday. She boasts minding her own business and not eating junk food as her ability to reach such age, but is this true? As countries are rated for their life expectancy, the United States is rated 50, Caisco Islands rate 40, Greece 30, Bermuda 20, Italy 10 and in first place, Monaco rates 1 for living to the oldest age. Most of Europe seems to dominate the top ten spaces. Here at which was developed from a woman point of view, believe that the inhibition and reserved morality attitude towards sexuality may be one partial cause of life expectancy. The passion and excitement that is second nature to the European world is a means for physical activity and releasing stress, which can aid in living healthy. Extramarital affairs, discreet relationships of married dating, married and even the primal instincts of an indecent proposal, leads a woman to maintaining her health and beauty techniques that promote longevity. The better she looks, the better she feels, so the longer she lives. For centuries men have cheated on wives, causing such chaos in the family structure, forcing women to walk away from the disgrace, but not so in other countries. Some even promote multiple lovers. Well now in today world is not there enough turmoil without destroying the family. Have not women achieved equal rights? Why is it so wrong for a woman to explore her sexuality? is a safe and secure online dating service site that offers an opportunity for women to meet men & women searching for the desire to feel alive again without the risk of losing their marriage. The possibility of kicking their libido into full gear by visiting married dating sites and maybe meeting someone to share an emotional affair that could ignite a spark to enjoy life to it fullest. There by striving to achieve their own 115th birthday. If Find New Passion has struck your curiosity and pulsated your mind even just a little, we invite you to seek out our site and maybe, just maybe we can help you find your very own FOUNTAIN of YOUTH!