Jeremy Kyle Expected to Rock the FOX Network!

10-29-15 14:51

The Jeremy Kyle Show premiers September19, 2011

It promises to be bold and innovative as well as informative and life changing! As Oprah exits stage left, she leaves her day time Talk Show Audience behind, making way for one of Britain most popular hosts. There is much anticipation that Jeremy Kyle will rock the FOX Network with his hard hitting ways, real advice and conflict resolution. is excited to announce that we will visit the set of the Jeremy Kyle Show, to attend a live taping in New York City. We are eager to see the exciting and passionate host, Jeremy Kyle, attack the topic of the day. As well, it is with Passion and Excitement that we hope to appear as a guest to support and defend the topic of married dating, online affairs and the primal instincts of adding a little gusto to the lives of so many who seek to ignite a spark in their lives through married dating. As Jeremy Kyle explodes into the US after the amazing success of his daily one hour talk show in the UK, his excitement and passion for conflict resolution will be broadcast across the FOX Network. As he begins reaching out to the American public with his experience and special guests who wish to breach the topics of many issues in today modern society, we are thrilled to suggest our business as a hot commodity. We welcome opportunity to share our concepts and ideas of discreet relationships and extramarital affairs while we enhance women search for romance within our safe and protected environment. Although considered by many to be an indecent proposal, we ask that everyone consider that human behavior has never been monogamous. Extramarital Affairs have been happening for centuries and is unjustifiably taboo for the coffee table, mainstream books or primetime television. Perhaps through discussion, a new understanding can be reached. So, we applaud Jeremy Kyle for his accomplishments in Britain, welcome him to the United States and challenge him to be bold enough to take on the topic of Married Dating. We wish you all the best and huge success in all of your endeavors and encourage all to watch his premiere on Fox CBS affiliated networks in your area. However, if you want to redefine your relationship, depart from the mundane, or just want to feel alive again, visit We offer sophisticated solutions to securing your marriage by offering discrete access to members whom like to have fun while being married and flirting or maybe more. Okay so you are married or committed to your partner, we understand and respect that, but remember You are Married But Not Dead!