The World of Mythology

10-29-15 14:52

Okay sometimes mythology can be fun.....

Okay sometimes mythology can be fun, somewhat sexy even with all the Greek Gods and the many stories of love, excitement and passion, battles fought and won over primal instincts of self survival. Yet what about all those myths than cause harm? Myths caught up and delivered by superstition or radicalism of individual beliefs sprouting from political to religious doctrine, these myths can destroy couples that may only need to feel alive again. If this is true of your love life than it is imperative that you not give up. Seek new passion before accepting defeat. Perhaps the myth of condemnation brought on by the indecent proposal of having an affair, dating a married man, is untrue, when the hope of rekindling your primal needs with your spouse is the goal. How can there be condemnation if passion, leads you back to an emotional affair you desire with your spouse. If after the affair, you feel good, less stressed a renewed excitement and passion for life, your libido has brought you to millionaire status, does not everyone win! Remember the saying, When Mama ai not happy Ai not nobody happy! and is not it really true? When the matriarch of the family is out of sorts, stressed to the max with home, work, husband, kids, career, commitments, and not enough time for any one, in particular. Ask yourself if your wife, the mother of your children could be less stressed and happier in your relationship every day, would not you want that for her, too? Any good husband would want that and more and more is understanding that it is not a betrayal to want an exciting sexual experience from time to time. If you find yourself questioning whether adultery is a myth, or the need to spice up your life is essential to your sanity, Find New Passion can guide you to a truly emotional affair of married dating married. Clearly, this could lead you to the mythical sensations of euphoria, a sense of floating in the clouds with all the all-mighty Greek Gods dancing about and praising your name and bowing at your feet! Okay, so maybe a little too much fantasy takes over when we get in the mood. But, one thing that always holds true, it is the Fantasies that make our Realities bearable on a day to day basis. Everyone has more than they can handle and when the pressures of reality set in, take some time for you and find the connection that will relieve all of your Achilles heels!