Weather Today and Marriage Today

10-29-15 14:53

Everything today concerning weather seems to be labeled record breaking.

Record snowfall, more torrential rains, typhoons and hurricanes all around the globe, crippling snow and ice in the warmer climates, tidal waves and tsunami bellowing out from earthquakes, miles under the seas. Such is comparatively true for marriages today, interracial marriage which was the first shocker many years ago, then swingers and free love were headlines of the 60 and 70 and today controversial political topics of gay rights, polygamy and blended families have created a whole new brand of relationships and begs the question how will these new forms of relationships relate to marriage and family. Perhaps married dating can offer some solace to a couples by providing a safe environment to make discreet connections for a more satisfying social life. Maybe we can even highlight more of these issues so that we all have an opportunity to live as we choose without the fear of persecution or condemnation. Most people feel the excitement and passion, as we sit and watch the horrific scenes of the aftermath of weather disasters on tv, offering money and finance as condolences. We shudder at the statistics of divorce brought about by the need to feel alive, when the excitement of the money is lost by the latest millionaire being caught, after the affair. We can have some control over a great many of these casualties. As a happy content community, we can help promote modern day recycling and acknowledge global warming as being partially to blame for some of our weather issues. There is the possibility of achieving some rejuvenation for life by visiting married dating site then turning that rejuvenation towards universal consciousness of our world and its wonderful gifts by turning off some lights, doubling up on showers, and of course loving thy neighbor and so on. If we could all be a little more stress free, would not the entire planet be a better place? Sure others may say this is an indecent proposal, an excuse to have an online affair, a primal scream of infidelity, but if there is one less soul lost to happiness and one more smile shinning through the clouds of doom, is not that a good start to world peace!