Being deceitful TABOO

06-09-12 19:19

Is there anything more taboo than dating a married man?

For centuries the scarlet letter worn upon the chest of an adulterous has been seen as evil, but not so for today open minded society. Having an affair or just trying to meet a married man is part of our tolerance to exposed sexuality and acceptance of those who are different. We are a society of Equality. Technology allows us to communicate worldwide and partake in the culture of others. Find New Passion is a web site set on providing a safe means of achieving such goals, believe it is your right to feel alive as you seek to enhance your life, by meeting married women dating and dating married men. Your right to improve the home life in which you live by whatever taboos you choose to explore is just that, you are right! The media blitz of our world today is full of new ideas and fantasies. Unfortunately they share the wrath of bigots and right wingers who choose to condemn such activity as having an affair. Even thought television, movies, and books glorify such behavior as vampires who feel alive after a brief encounter with a neck artery. Extra marital activity is still scrutinized. Perhaps it is a bit presumptuous on our part to provide a service that is still seen by some as Taboo, but to that we say, Come on, we are not playing ostrich, keeping our heads in the sand while this is happening everywhere! Just like Reality Show Stars seek fun & adventure with unconventional activities, we invite you to spice up your fun and choose to bear a scarlet letter or the look of gratification. It is all up to you! We can help you make life an exhilarating secure adventure. Once taboo meant forbidden, until Eve ate the apple, and now an apple a day keeps the doctor away.