Shark Attacks vs. Cougar Attacks

06-09-12 19:13

For years both have existed, been known to ignite a spark of fear and excitement in the average person.

Throughout time, men have been given the title of shark when they achieve difficult goals in their lives. Bending the rules a little, cheating. They feel so alive after conquering a business risk, thrashing in the water of the workforce world, red blood surrounding their bodies, devouring their prey. They also feel alive as they succeed in romance bringing their mate to the brink of excitement and passion. Similarly, like a shark, doing what comes natural of his instinct to divide and conquer taking his prey or partner as in a marriage. Do we understand that the primal instincts associated with passion and excitement is the similar to the animal kingdom where Sharks roam and Cougars prowl. Find New Passion understands the animalistic nature of such a vicious attack. Is this the case, is this a natural instinct with a perpetual desire to feel that excitement and passion, or the escape from being encaged, stuck in the same old routine. Well, let take a look to the cougar, on the prowl in hunger or need of feeding her cubs. Women these days are often compared to cougars, wild, lusting for the kill seeking out the weaker, younger prey. Age and experience ignite a spark of excitement and passion at the possibility of conquest. At Find New Passion cougars are always welcome to hunt their potential prey if the need to feel alive again. Sometimes, you may have been lost in the mundane rituals of their married life. Perhaps they could regain the excitement lost to them on their journey to building their dens and providing for their cubs. Sometimes, it is only natural to seek out the passion, when the luster has been diminished and before the home becomes a casualty. Maybe a new outlook could, once again ignite a spark, and put you in the direction of rejuvenation. Do you want to feel alive again Finally, FindNewPassion chooses to celebrate what many may deem dis-tasteful, as a virtual solution to the fears sparked by rumors such as Shark attacks are on the rise and Cougars are women robbing cradles. We honor what has been a part of history for generations in countries all across the world.