Are love and monogamy related?

10-29-15 14:59

There are two ways in which you can look at monogamy.

One is being monogamous in a romantic relationship and the other is in relation to the institution of marriage. When it comes to being in love staying monogamous means being true to your partner, no matter what. This is a rather idealistic setting which has worked for centuries now, but of course has run in rough waters with several people. Who you are in love with can change with time and circumstances and love cannot really be related to being monogamous. The whole concept of being monogamous and in love means that you have found someone that you can connect to on a personal deep level and call your soul mate. Your vision on life is that same as that of the person you are in love with. Many people constantly fall in love with the hope that they are able to find this soul mate of theirs. With each successive love affair the perception of who will be the ideal partner will be altered and influenced. There is also the concept of serial monogamy where when you are in a relationship you stay true to that person. There is of course a difference of opinion when it comes to strict monogamy and serial monogamy. For some, the concept of falling in and out of love repeatedly is just not something they can digest. Whereas, for others it is a means of finding their true mate. The only important thing to keep in mind is that you do not judge all your relationships with the same yardstick. Being so completely influenced by your past will not really help in your current relationship. How you perceive your relationships will determine whether you believe that love and monogamy are connected to one another. For some people serial monogamy can get difficult especially when they are with a person for a while but soon develop deep feelings for someone else. This can lead to a serious amount of retrospection and soul searching. If you do decide to come out of a relationship, it is important that you do not deride the relationship you were in. There are consequences to your feelings and you should be able to accept that. Being true to the person you love when you are in the relationship is very important if you would like it to succeed. How you handle things from the heart is very important.