Does institution of marriage really work?

10-29-15 14:58

Many couples go around for a long while before they decide to tie the knot and settle down.

Of course there is the fairytale wedding, the fun and the honeymoon period that follows the actual honeymoon. Once everyday life sets in to place, marriage needs a great deal of working on. It is the coming together of two people with completely different approaches to life to make things work for them. Of course this is not easy and that is perhaps why many give up. Most people believe that the love that brought them will help them in sustaining their marriage. That definitely makes a difference but love alone cannot be the basis of a successful marriage. That the institution of marriage can work is amply justified from the number of successful marriages we have around us. Granted that they may be from a few generations ago, however there is something fundamentally wrong with the institution of marriage right now considering the number of divorces that are taking place. One of the main reasons for the possible breakdown of a marriage is that the woman is no longer a dependent but rather someone who is capable of looking after herself. This often encourages several women to walk out of marriages that are abusive or which in their opinion are simply not working for them anymore. The hours that couples spend in their respective offices leaves them with hardly any quality time to allow them to gel together as a couple. Several also get married because they are in child way. Often a marriage that starts with the responsibility of a child right from the start can be strenuous to hold on to. Marriages today lack communication simply because of the gadgets that have taken over all means of communication. This means that people tend to connect with each other more on the mobiles and computers that they do in person. At the end of the day this can lead to a great deal of miscommunication which can result in emotional issues that just cannot be solved after a certain point. Many couples also tend to hold on to their rigid beliefs about how a relationship should work. Marriage does mean that there is a serious amount of understanding and even compromise. A marriage needs to be worked out together and only then will the family be able to come to terms with each other and lead a happy life.