Loving Two People At The Same Time

05-30-12 17:03

Love is an issue....

Love is an issue which faces lots of controversy and different people see things differently as far as it is concerned. Romance is something that calls for much resources and energy to work and work well for that matter. Whereas it is possible to love one person completely and honestly, it has be proven through researches that human beings are capable of loving more than one person at the same time and even getting intimate with them. It might seem impossible in the eyes of many people but the fact is clear in the polygamous marriages around as well as the many affairs the society is facing today. You will find men and women confessing to love their husbands and wives deeply but at the same time feel something for other person that is just as deep. People in such situations find it hard to make decisions without hurting anyone in the process but this is not always successful for many. There are individuals who will never accept the fact that their partners are in love with other people hence choose to walk away from the marriage or relationships while others, for the sake of the love they feel for their partners, will choose to stay and share the man or woman with the other person they are in love with. Women in most cases find it hard to accept that their husbands and boyfriends have feelings for other women and feel there is no way they could love them equally. However, most people claim that the feelings in both cases are true and deep and want to be with the two people at the same time, if they agree of course. Monogamy is a value that the society holds in high esteem but with so many people running after the things they feel make them happy, it is slowly losing its meaning. It is therefore no wonder that there are so many breakups and divorces in the society today. People no longer care what the world thinks and make the most from what they feel makes them happy even if it means hurting other people in the process. When caught up in the triangle of loving two people at the same time, the best thing an individual can do is be honest with both parties and give them the liberty to choose whether to stay or not. Most people however feel they would rather keep quite than end up losing one of both parties or hurting them with the honesty.