The Promise to Love Till Death Separates

05-30-12 17:05

Love is....

Love is what leads most people down the aisle where they make those sweet promises. At this stage, the couple simply can not wait to spend the rest of their lives loving each other and raising a family. The vows are quite strong and being made before God and the congregation they need to be adhered to. Most people however never think much about the promises they make and end up being caught in a dilemma later. The promise that all couples will make on their weddings will be that of loving each other till death separates them. This is a promise that gives each spouse assurance that the other will be by their side loving them no matter what and that they will love only them till death comes between them. It is a promise that is easy to say but most have found it hard to keep up with. The questions therefore are, how realistic is this promise today? Separations and divorce are all we hear about today. Whatever happened to the promise to love till death nobody knows and it is a sad reality many are facing today. There are just so many things surrounding the institution of marriage and if couples are not careful, the promise ends up making no sense whereas it should. Lack of communication can be termed as the biggest culprit making it impossible for couples to hold onto the promise. When you can not bring yourself to talk openly with your spouse about your fears, worries and pains in marriage, you give room to other aspects such as affairs which eventually cause a lot of pain leading to separation or worse still, divorce. The fact that most people are today running from their fears and pains has left the promise unrealistic. It is only realistic for couples who understand that marriage is not as simple as it looks and a lot will be required from them to make it work. It is the sacrifices, understanding and love that make the promise relevant and unless both parties are willing to compromise, then the promise dies. It is therefore important for couples to review the promises they make and what they mean to them not forgetting religious values. A few considerations and sacrifices can make a marriage very sweet and fulfilling hence keeping the promise to the very end as it should be.