Human Nature. The Aspect of Monogamy

10-29-15 15:05

The issue of monogamy

There is always a huge debate surrounding the issue of monogamy and whether it is part of human nature. Monogamy is what we are taught from when we are young and most people try to stick to the society values. However, it is not always that you will find people who agree with monogamy. Some believe that it is against the human basic biology. Most of those who think in this line are men since they feel that they were naturally created to have multiple partners. Even though most try their best to be monogamous, given a chance they would rather spread the natural seed given free to them which of course translates to having multiple partners at the same time. Most women however hate the idea of sharing their men with other women and feel monogamy is the way to go and it is how things ought to be. They love a quiet life to love their husbands and nurture children. Monogamy has taken a turn and men are falling more and more into polygamy and affairs. On the other hand, women are also standing up for their rights and no longer watch as their husbands have affairs. They will either want a divorce or also get into the affairs for equality. It is becoming more and more evident that monogamy might not be part of the human nature even though there are those who try and make it. The cultural ideals have shifted and have also evolved dramatically with time making all the changes. Today, more people especially the young are staying away from monogamy and a few factors are to blame for the change of gear. They include religion decline and lack of communication amongst the couples. This has in turn led to higher numbers of people getting divorced every day hence monogamy has slowly faded. Monogamy can work if only both parties are willing to make it work by being honest and open with their feelings and expectations. Even though it has become clear that human beings are not naturally monogamous, it does not rule out the fact that it is something that has worked and still does work for many. It is not such a bad thing to have someone who loves you all to yourself sharing everything together and knowing that it is only you in their lives. Monogamy can be as sweet as we want it to be.