Monogamy and Misery

05-30-12 17:07

Monogamy and Misery vs. Unfaithfulness and Happiness

Monogamy is a good thing and many people try to work around since it is what it is expected from them by the society and what religion insists on. Whereas there are so many happy marriages out there which are based on monogamy, there are some people who feel trapped and miserable in them and wish there was a way out. People who feel miserable in their monogamous marriages as a result of different factors and situations will always seek the happiness that they need elsewhere. This is why you will find so many people engaging in extramarital affairs today because they feel that their marriages do not meet with the needs that they have. They will get into the affairs to run away from worries, fears and conflicts in the marriage. Most of the people who are unfaithful meaning they have affairs outside marriage claim to be very happy and fulfilled. The affairs, they say, have a way of bringing them back to life after being dead in their monogamous and boring marriages. The affairs go much deeper than physical intimacy and they find it easy to let it all go when they are with their lovers out there. You find such people being very happy since they know that they have somewhere and someone to run to when the marriage seems impossible. Whereas there are those who would rather stay in the marriages and be miserable as a way of fulfilling promises and fitting into the society, some will go running after their happiness in the arms of lovers. The affairs can however be very hurting especially when they are exposed making it important for such individuals to consider the consequences which come with the actions. Most get into them blinded by their needs to feel loved and important hence end up making things worse. Divorce, however bad it looks, can be the best solution for people in these kinds of situations. Instead of being miserable for life or risking hurting the other person leaving damages that could be for life, it is much better to simply bring the marriage to an end hence both parties become free to do as they wish with their lives. Every individual deserves to be happy but not at the cost of another and since there is always a right thing to do, it is best to consider this option.