Human Beings and Lies

05-30-12 16:34

Lying is something....

Lying is something wives, husbands, girlfriends and boyfriends do all the time. This is something which can however be very ugly as nobody wants to feel betrayed by the people they love the most and thought they feel the same way. Even those who tell the lies never want to think that their partners could be lying to them even though they are doing the same on their part. It is only human nature to lie as a way of avoiding arguments and conflicts. However, there are people who overdo the lying and end up becoming pathological liars hence they hardly make it in life. Even though what we all look for are romantic and close relationships with strong trust, intimacy and openness foundation, it is not what we will always get. Everybody will have to lie at some point in life. It can be a wise decision to lie sometimes especially when telling the truth means the end of the relationship or beginning of mistrust. Deception and secrecy are what many relationships are made of today thereby only showing that lying runs in human beings. This does not however mean that there are no honest and open people out there as there are plenty. This group of people would rather tell the truth and face the consequences than live with the guilt of pretending to be something they are not. They find it easier to move on and avoid such situations by being frank about what they have done. In most cases, this works especially when the other person truly is in love. The extramarital affairs in the society today are evidence of just how much human beings can lie. Some people out there stay very long in the affairs before they are found out. On being found out however, a lot of pain and destruction is caused even as much as they try to explain things. While there are couples who will manage to pick up the pieces and make their marriages work past the lies, some simply can’t handle the fact that a loved one betrayed them in one way or the other. There are lies that seem too huge to forget and others are tiny but can cause great destruction. Before judging a loved one for telling lies, individuals need to consider their past behaviors as well and consider other factors that might have led to the deception.