The Society and Extramarital Affairs

10-29-15 15:12

Is Marriage meant to last forever?

Marriage is an institution meant to last forever giving both parties joy and happiness and the love that they feel. This has however changed with time with the culprit coming between marital bliss being extramarital affairs. The society has become so fixated on the extramarital affairs simply because they change everything that is marriage. More and more people are getting into the extramarital affairs hoping to never get caught but the truth is that when they finally are nabbed, the consequences they suffer are far greater than the pleasure they felt while in the affair. The society judges the individual found and life is never the same again. In most cases, such affairs lead to painful divorces and separation and in most cases the people who suffer the most are any children caught in the middle. This can be an experience that is most painful among couples and the society at large. It has changed the way people view marriage and it is no wonder that most people do not have any intentions of getting into serious relationships leading to marriage since the society has the view that marriage no longer works and somewhere down the line one partner will cheat hence breaking down the marriage and dumping years of hard work that both parties put into the union. The extramarital affairs come loaded with lots of emotions and it is no longer just about sex. Most couples are actually getting into the affairs as a way of dealing with their inner fears, pain and also the need to feel alive again. They can also be as a result of betrayal and the individuals feel momentarily relieved only to find themselves deeper into the mess. Even though the society seems to be against the affairs, it seems to be slowly accepting that it happens all the time hence it is becoming part of it in a way. Marriage is a very serious institution and people getting into it need to know exactly what they are doing. It is far much better to avoid hurting other people with the affairs than get into a marriage one can not take the time to make a success. It is important for one to know the consequences of the actions before getting into the affair. Even though it is what most people take as refuge, the consequences can be devastating hence they need to be considered.