The Harsh Judgment Affairs

05-30-12 16:52

Extramarital affairs have increased with time and they face harsh judgment from the society at large.

Even though human beings have plenty of other flaws, being caught in an extramarital affair seems to be the worst as far as society judging is concerned. Individuals getting into the affairs are either running from marriage troubles and conflict or simply have the need to test the waters elsewhere. The harsh judgment is not about to die out and therefore individuals thinking of getting into the extramarital affairs need to know what to expect from the society as well as the consequences from their partners. The affairs have greater consequences compared to the rest of the flaws natural to humans which could be why they get judged so harshly. Below are some of the consequences: Self esteem damage: this is on the part of the individual whose spouse cheats. They end up with lots of questions about where they went wrong, failed or never met their partner needs. The children in the picture will also tend to put the blame on themselves and this has negative effects on their self esteem. Lack of trust: the victim in the affair will suffer great difficulties when it comes to trust and even though they could make up after the affair, the thoughts that spouse could be cheating again will always arise. The same happens when the marriage ends since the individual will find it hard to trust potential partners. Unless one gets professional help, it can be hard to move on after a divorce or separation. Sense of instability: the cheat will feel crumbled up in his own world after getting caught and will feel that the security he or she felt in life has suddenly been shuttered. It becomes hard to even face friends and family after the exposure and most people sink to their lowest point leaving them with that awful unstable feeling deep inside. It calls for great effort to get up again. Hurt feelings: after the exposure, both parties will go through a lot of pain. This is the pain that makes it hard for the victim to forgive and the marriage ends in a painful divorce. The pain is definitely too much to handle and the victim will always feel like running away and if things are not resolved fast, things only get worse.