Why do People Judge Affairs?

05-30-12 16:31

Affairs, whether extramarital or not face lots of judgment from the society.

Most people feel that the judging is not sensible since the individuals getting into the affairs are grown ups and have their own minds to make decisions in life. The society will always have something to say as far as the affairs are concerned to the dislike of many people. There is no greater pain than the pain of being cheated on and the consequences that come with the cheating can be devastating. Marriage is an institution that is meant to last for a lifetime but the affairs have slowly crept into it making it hard for marriages to survive the test of time. As much as people hate the judging that come with the affairs, nothing less should be expected from the society because of the belief that it has on marriage. Affairs are of different kinds and different people get into them because of different reasons. There are some who run away from pain and fear surrounding their marriages and found refuge in the affairs. The affairs have proved to be much more than just sex as they come complete with deeper emotions. It is why most people will stay in them till that dreadful day they get caught. The affairs are a way of reviving individuals who feel dead in the marriages which is why the judgment is condemned by many. Since the affairs seem to be helpful but at the same time very wrong, individuals need to take every detail into consideration. It is not enough to be selfish as not to think about the other person and how she or he will feel on finding out about the affair. The individuals are for sure old enough to make decisions but the rest of the aspects to the affair need to be considered. The individual also needs to be prepared for the consequences which will come from the affair. Most people easily judge the affairs as they put themselves in the shoes of the victim and feel their pain. They therefore feel they have the right to judge the cheats and harshly for that matter for causing the pain and suffering. This is something that is not about to change and people will always judge the affairs. It all depends on how prepared individuals are to face the consequences of their actions.