Marriage. Does it really Work?

05-30-12 17:02

When it comes to marriage today, the question many people ask is whether the institution works.

This is because of the many separation cases and divorce cases that the society faces on a daily basis in that most people have lost all hope of the unions to work. Most people today would rather have fun than get into the marriages which will not work in the long run. Extramarital affairs have devastated the marriage institution making it hard for it to survive. Whereas there are couples who get over the affairs and dedicate the rest of their lives in making the marriages work, some have no way of healing and mending their broken hearts and marriages. It all depends on how much the two souls are willing to go all the way since a one sided decision never helps in making the marriage work. There are different kinds of affairs breaking marriages today. If the spouses or individuals take their time in dealing with the issues at hand instead of running away from them, it is possible for marriages to work and stand the test of time. Conflict avoidance affairs: when terrified about conflicts and the consequences they could have especially to control, most people will turn to the affairs. It is always advisable for couples to handle conflicts and open up to each other as a way of making the marriage work. Avoidance of intimacy affairs: this is another kind of affair people will get into. They fear getting too close to their spouses maybe as a result of unresolved conflicts and therefore end up looking for the warmth elsewhere. In this case, one or both parties could seek refuge in the affairs as a way of avoiding intimacy in the conflict zone. Sexual addiction kind of affairs: this is the case where sexual addicts numb their emptiness and pains in sex. They feel fulfilled in the affairs and you will find them in even more than one affair. This is a problem that might require professional help if at all the marriage has to work. Self pity affairs: when individuals start looking down on themselves, they feel they are not good enough for their partners. It could be because of the way they look or current financial situation or other kinds of situations. The self pity therefore leads them to seek fulfillment in affairs especially because they feel needed there than in their own marriages.