Is it Better to Get Divorced or Have an Affair?

05-30-12 16:29

Marriages are happy institutions and they are meant to be full of love hence last forever.

It is from the love that children are borne and life enjoyed by the two souls who have been joined by love. However, this is not always the case today. Even though there are marriages which make it through the many challenges, some end abruptly due to different kinds of situations and circumstances. Extramarital affairs have become a part of the society and many people engage in the affairs during their marriages. Some are lucky enough to end the affairs before they get caught but others are not so lucky and they will get caught, cause lots of pain and damages and probably even lead to a failed marriage. The society judges such affairs harshly even though most people feel that the judgment is uncalled for since the individuals are grownups. The question remains to be whether to get into an affair or get divorced. People have different views when it comes to this. Some feel that it is much better to get divorced than get into an affair and cause pain to the spouse and any children that could be from the union. There are lots of other consequences that come with the affairs and a divorce will most definitely help in avoiding them since it is legal and accepted by the society. On the other hand, there are those who feel that since marriage is meant to last, it is better to avoid divorce thereby giving way to the affairs. This group feels that as long as the individual does not get caught, the affair can prove to be very good and fulfilling. People getting into the affairs are looking for much more than just physical pleasure. They feel the affairs are the best way to run from pain, worries and they are also a way of making them alive again. As far as the affairs are concerned, it is up to the individual thinking of it to make the last decision. The pros and cons need to be considered without selfishness. It helps and is reasonable to think about the other person or people caught up in the middle of the affair and the effects it will have on them. With the considerations, it becomes easy to decide whether to go for the affair or simply get a divorce and be free to mingle again.