The Need to View Intimacy

05-30-12 17:00

It is a highly debatable and controversial topic.

Asking for a divorce on grounds of lack of intimacy does happen all over the world. The issue is how fair it is to separate when lack of intimacy is the problem. The powerful pillars of any relationship generally are love, trust and intimacy according to a prominent writer on human relationships. Yes, intimacy is one of the comforting factors in any relation. It does not take much intelligence to realize that women value love and commitment more than men. The comforting factor in any relationship is definitely love. However, love can be perceived in different forms by men and women. Most women may need constant reassurance and affirmation of your feelings and ironically intimacy is one of the ways they expect you to address it. It is not uncommon to find individuals crib about not getting enough attention. So is display of intimacy and giving attention to your partner one and the same thing? Probably not as we will soon see. Intimacy is viewed by men and women in different ways and that exactly is the Achilles heel of some relationships. While men may not feel the need to display intimacy every now and then, a woman brain is wired differently. For them, love equals intimacy and vice versa. So the moment they feel that her man is not being intimate enough, they feel a strain in the relationship. A man might even not notice if he is tied up with his professional or other problems on which he might be more focused on during that particular phase of relationship. Intimacy is probably one of the elements that is most misunderstood in a relationship. It is not uncommon to mix sex and intimacy and confuse one with the other. However, intimacy is not just sex but much more. It is a feeling of understanding that spouses develop after knowing each other for years. It is something that couples must learn to create consciously. Marriage with all its inherent flaws does not have to end in divorce just because you feel that your spouse is less intimate with you than before. We need to get rid of our set ways of thinking and be more flexible in relationships to look at intimacy is a new light. Too little intimacy can be also harmful to a relationship as too much of it. Couples need to strike the right balance to be able to iron out the creases in their relationship.