Is Your Partner Faithful but Miserable

10-29-15 15:09

Is it a hard decision...

It is a not easy to put up with a person who is seemingly faithful in a relationship but a misery to stay with. Yes, there are many couples who remain in a relationship that has no future unless you expect things to change dramatically. The question does arise whether faithfulness is the only thing you should value in a relationship and everything else be damned. I guess we all know the answer, it is a resounding no. Many times, the people we love take us for granted because they feel that being faithful is the only thing needed for a relationship to succeed. They feel that because they are loyal to you, they have the right to hurt you emotionally and deprive you of other things that helps build a healthy relationship. They do not respect your feelings and do not bother about what you think. Self-interest creeps in pretty fast in such relationships and it can lead to situation where you feel miserable put cannot do a thing about it unless you are practical enough to take on the situation head on. Is the cave man that is present in every individual responsible for such demeaning attitude towards relationships even when they are supposed to invest their emotions in nurturing the relation and taking it to new levels? It could be that men are emotionally weaker than women and feel insecure that they may lose their woman if they do not show dominance in the relationship. And for most men, dominance comes from making the lives of their partners as miserable as possible. They deliberately set out to hurt women even if there are no real reasons to do so. There are many reasons why people live and put up with the abusive behavior of their partners. Support for children is one of the primary reasons who women especially put up with miserable partners. Financial insecurity is another prime reason. If both partners have invested in a home, it is tough to stage a walkout because of the complications involved. In such cases, people tend to brush the dirt under the carpet and carry on despite the misery they have to endure every now and then. Faithfulness is of course one of the biggest qualities in a human being. But giving your partner their deserving respect and genuinely loving them for what they are can be the foundation of a rock-solid relationship.