The Art of Making a Woman Feel Special

10-29-15 15:07

Is it a challenge to make someone feel happy?

It is not at all a challenge to make someone feel happy if you are sincere and honest about the effort. The effort can be truly successful if it is completely selfless and devoid of any ulterior motives. Women especially love men who go out of their way to make them feel special but when there is a hint of selfishness they tend to with draw back from the relationship. The way to make your woman feel happy is to be at your charming best, appear seductive in a healthy sort of way and do what she like the best. It would of course take a diverse array of special skills. All men would want to develop the same type of skills but it is not easy. You have to be a very patient student, a researcher and a good observer to be able to understand what your women likes and appreciates. Here is what you should not do to get there. Do not spew out canned lines or do those routine attention grabbing stuff because they can backfire badly. Your actions must look and seem honest and genuine. Women are experts at seeing through such games and know what exactly your intentions are. It is easy to make someone feel happy and wanted if you really wish to. It all boils down to asking the right questions and giving the right responses. Making someone realize that you want to know more about them is a great way to espouse their feelings. Pick up lines and other routines fail because they are always done with an ulterior motive. When you tell a girl or a person for that matter, that you want to know more about them, it has a touch of emotion. Focusing intensely on the smallest and most routine needs of your women is a good way of letting them know that you care for them in a very special way. Whatever you do, do not rush through your conversations with women. Slow and easy conversation can help you attract their attention better. Do not jump at questions with a quick and thoughtless response right away. Think for a moment before you respond. Nonverbal charms work like magic and can do things that mere words can not. They make women feel special as they feel they are the object of your undivided attention. Do not make a woman feel impersonal. It is a sure recipe for disaster.