Bachelor TV Reality Show

05-30-12 17:13

Is it proof of possibility to love more than one person at the same time?

The Bachelor TV reality show is one that many people would not have missed for anything in the world. Unlike other shows where the viewers ask who will win in the end, the question many people ask in the reality show is whether it is really possible to love more than one person at the same time. Most of us have been brought up expecting to follow the love recipe we are exposed to which is meet opposite sex member, fall in love, marry and thereafter live happily ever after. With the production of reality TV shows such as the bachelor has however changed the way people view love and many now believe that it is actually possible to be in love with two or more people. It is not a wonder that there are so many cases today of open relationships where individuals agree to try and test waters outside marriage or relationship. The open relationships are much more than just physical attraction and intimacy, there are lots of emotions involved. It is something that encompasses commitment, intimacy, affection, friendship, sex, romance, desire and flirting. Many people who find themselves in multiple lovers triangle will talk it out with their spouses and agree to be in an open kind of marriage. This is of course if the other person agrees or feels the need for the same. It is a thing that is believed to be driven by attachment, love and lust. In the bachelor, the guy reaches a point where he is confused about his choice claiming that he has feelings for more than one girl. Having spent good times with the girls, it is only natural that the man will have some sort of an attachment with the girls he clicked with. The fact that humans have potential to love more than a person simultaneously is gaining support and a good number of people do not find it abnormal and will easily agree to let their partners explore their feelings. Cases of people being torn between two people are not new. However, the love level might not be the same but they still claim to love the two individuals and have the need to be with the two at the same time. Personal values could be all that makes the difference in the hard situation.