Married couples do have affairs

10-29-15 15:03

Just because you are happily married does not mean that you can be immune to infidelity in a relationship.

There is enough of research to support that over 44 percent of men and 25 percent of women who are otherwise happily married, tend to have relationships. Of these a majority of the relationships occur in the office where couples spend most of their waking hours. The thing about extramarital affairs today is that it is not limited to just sexual intercourse. It begins as soon as one partner gets closer to someone else. Add to this factors such as social media, internet and smartphones and you have a discreet way of keeping in touch no matter where you are. Very often extramarital affairs happen with someone in your office. You tend to share a common passion with them, common deadlines, successes and losses and all these things can lead to a close relationship moving from one level to another. Intimacy on an emotional level can easily lead to a physically intimate relationship. The definition of a happy marriage has changed a lot these days. With grown up children in the family becoming more demanding the focus often shifts from the couple. Spouses tend to believe they are happy simply because they do not seem to fight or have any disagreements. What they do not realize is this lack of communication is what can lead to partners going their own separate ways in search of an emotional connect. If you are looking for signs of when one of you may be having an affair, do not take dwindling sex to be one. While it may be the case sometimes, in others there is an increase in libido, simply from the excitement that is built up in the other relationship. There is also a chance that you may be over critical of your partner or the other way round, simply because one is trying to mould the other into the likes of the extramarital partner. There is such a thing as being susceptible to an affair. This especially happens to women who may be in a new marriage or have not been able to have children yet. For men it may be for those who feel that there is nothing new and exciting in life to look forward to. Boredom can lead to an affair. And finally, a couple whose lives are centered around the children tend to look for something exciting for themselves outside of their marriage.