GPS Feature for Married Dating

06-09-12 19:10

GPS Feature for Married Dating Is Ashley Madison putting women at risk challenges Ashley Madison!

For those familiar with the married dating world, you have probably heard of Ashley Madison, the first to market a married dating site to those interested in discreet relationships. Certainly, our hats off to the innovators for recognizing a gaping hole in the naked marketplace of extramarital affairs. Recently, they announced a new GPS Location Feature called Ashley Madison Mobile to find a date with a married woman or a married man for an extra marital affair. Looks like the limited public information related to their GPS Location Features, allows members to log on and locate a married person for an extramarital affair. However, since Ashley Madison boasts 10 Million Members worldwide, we wonder how many of those 10 Million cheaters are going to use this GPS Service to hunt and harm women. recognizes that any business that promotes having an affair or engaging in a discreet relationship, is probably operating with a few unscrupulous characters. We know there is a certain level of risk with cheating on your spouse. However, that is why we screen every member that wants to have an affair. We can not guarantee that everyone you will meet is going to be Mr. Right, but, we are certainly not telling or worse yet showing them where you and your family live. After all, it is about having an affair without getting caught. We want to facilitate discreet relationships and genuinely help you have an affair. But, we also feel a big responsibility to protect the identity of our members so they truly can enjoy an extra marital affair. How anonymous can you be if your cell phone is being tracked by Mobileā€¦ and, let face it, Ashley Madison Mobile certainly is no Facebook Places. Now they have brought a potentially dangerous mobile app which we honestly feel could end up in a catastrophic tragedy, we just feel that, at the very least, we ought to invest in the R&D and the technology that will, at least, bring a really cool mobile app to the married dating marketplace. Lastly, we wanted to announce that has created the features and functions that provide a more protective environment so that women can feel confident in their safety when logged on for a discreet relationship at an elite married dating website.