Web Hosting Resellers FindNewPassion Hosting Story

06-09-12 19:07

For all of those new to the e-business world, we want to explain some basic pitfalls of navigating the erection of an internet business because of what happened to FindNewPassion.com.

When starting an internet business, you soon learn that you need a hosting account. What is a hosting account. Well, we have come to think of it as your house, your internet house. We rent houses to live in so that we have a place to store our furniture. Well, a hosting account is like the house that stores your furniture, or in this case, your website files. After creating a website, you would need a hosting account and very often the option to provide the service, is offered by your developer. Majority of times, it seems an easy solution that only requires monthly payments. Countless hours were spent optimizing the site and sending a targeted traffic. Eventually, site was generating a buzz around the internet offering married women a safe place to meet married men that want a discreet relationship getting tens of thousands of married people connecting to discreet relationships and extramarital affairs. At this stage, you come to understand new terms like, mail servers, shared hosting, bandwidth, and dedicated hosting. You can only wish that you know the difference and reality before choosing a hosting for sever provider. What does it mean to have your site hosted through a hosting reseller vs. hosting company. In easy terms, it means someone rents a computer that stores websites, it is called a server. Then, they resell space on that server to host websites, or hold your web files. Since they control access to the server and have possession of your files, they can actually prevent you from accessing your own website. This is what one particular reseller did to FindNewPassion.com and then offered to sell back site files. So, you should always insist on having a copy of your website files on your computer, so that your website cannot be held hostage. So, new ecommerce companies, take the time to research your hosting providers and ensure you are hosted with a reputable reseller, or the actual hosting company. Obviously, not all resellers are unethical, but clearly, the ones that are, give the one that are not a bad name. It is okay to buy services from a reseller but we believe that anyone who legitimately resells hosting services should not hide the fact they are resellers. So internet entrepreneurs beware that your hosting may be through an unscrupulous hosting re-seller.