Reasons for ExtraMarital Affairs That Can "Break the Bond"

As it is said, marriages are made in heaven, but does it really holds true? Well, not exactly. Marriage problems are a part of life and there are many instances when both the partners get themselves involved into some or the other conflicts. There are a great number of married people who are a victim of relationship issues and loneliness and are unintentionally forced to seek marital affairs.

In such a situation the gap widens and both or one of them feel like sipping out of relation to beat the heat of destruction, and see marital affairs as a way to resolve it. Nevertheless, lack of friendship and understanding makes unhappy relationships rather lack of love. For any relationship, it is equally important to maintain spaces as the strings of a lute are alone but they quiver with the same music.

Though, they can also opt for divorce, but due to considerations of compensation amounts, child care and various other reasons, extra marital affairs seems to be a better alternative to many. The astonishing part of some statistics is that, now a number of married people looking for relationships outside of marriage are overtaking the number of loyal partners.

Society is used to see men looking for extra-marital affairs, but world has changed and so are women. In today's world, ladies also like married lovers and often seek out marital affairs, as they are more experienced, more open and very often more fun. They understand the pulse of a woman making her feel desired, beautiful and loved in a very possible way. The freshness, adventure, thrill and excitement being with a married man cannot be attained from a stable, secure and long term relations.

If we take the counter, a married man may also be very fascinated to other women. This may be due to the tacit nature of the relation. This is because it involves sneaking out, making secretive phone calls, texts, and emails. In fact, this could include guarded sexual encounters and holidays. This can be very exhilarating as it breaks open the conventional norms of relationship.