What makes Dating a Married Woman so appealing?

Marriages are made in heaven while divorces are made on earth, in the court rooms. A marriage is supposed to be the strongest institution that you enter into, and at the moment of entering this union, you are sure that this love is forever, and nothing will be able to break it. Some relations are able to face all hurdles and survive and some not, but reality is that just few relationships are able to succeed in the test of time.

Divorce and marriage failure rates are going up the ladder. Many a time's innumerable visits to counselors and therapists prove futile. So couples often move out their trapped situations or find solace outside the closed confines of the house. Having extra marital affairs is not an unknown or an unheard phenomenon. Researches validate the fact that both single men and married men are ready to take the plunge and contemplate on dating a married woman.

Why dating a married woman is so appealing for men? The answers to this question are relative as each one would have a different version or an opinion. But the common replies would be that it is extremely attractive. Married women have a different spark in them that sets them apart from other women. They're more experienced, more relaxed, men don't feel any pressure from them, and basically consider these relations as a pure heaven on earth. Besides, males see this relationship no danger considering their marital status. As there are no signs of permanency, women do not mind having some experimenting and having some fun time.

Ladies also like married lovers as they are more experienced. They understand the pulse of a woman making her feel desired, beautiful and loved in a very possible way. The freshness, adventure, thrill and excitement being with a married man cannot be attained from a stable, secure and long term relations.

If we take the counter, a married man may also be very fascinated to other women. This may be due to the tacit nature of the relation. This is because it involves sneaking out, making secretive phone calls, texts, and emails. Infact, this could include guarded sexual encounters and holidays. This can be very exhilarating as it breaks open the conventional norms of relationship.